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From Cyberbully Victim to YouTube Star: The Rise of Bethany Mota

April 22, 2015


How would you like to earn an estimated half million dollars a year from making YouTube videos? That’s exactly what Bethany Mota has done! When Bethany was just 12 years old she, like many young teenagers, became a victim of cyberbullying and consequently suffered from anxiety and depression. Eventually Bethany decided to make a YouTube […]

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The Importance of Learning to Code

March 1, 2013


Some schools do a fantastic job teaching students basic computer programming skills….others, not so much.  If your school offers programming classes, excellent!  If not, how can a student learn to code outside a traditional classroom?  Is it even important we all have at least a basic understanding of computer programming?  Why or why not? Let’s […]

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Technology for Change: Kony 2012

March 16, 2012


  Not a whole lot to say here, except for WOW. Questions:  In this example, how is technology used for positive change?  What can you do to help?  Other thoughts on the video and the situation in general?  

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Using the Web to Save Grandma

March 7, 2012


Noah Lamaide seems a typical 12 year old boy. He plays on the computer, skateboards, and loves his family. What may not be so obvious about Noah is that he is a hero. Noah saved his grandmother from losing her home. Last year, Noah’s grandmother was told her house had been foreclosed on. Foreclosure means […]

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Amazing Kid Photography

February 10, 2012


Into taking pictures?  No, I’m not talking about taking pics in the mirror or with your friends necessarily…I’m talking about meaningful photographs that embody art and design. Each year National Geographic Kids™ sponsors an International Photo Contest (IPC) specific to kids with the goal of challenging the creativity and skill of young minds. Recently, the […]

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Fun and Running: An Inspirational Tale of one Lady Intent on Making Lives Better through Running

November 7, 2011


Love it when people selflessly do good things… Fun and Running.

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Helping Out Boosts Grades

September 13, 2011


Click here to see a CNN video about how one student decided to “go halves” with those in need. In the process she discovers that helping out also helps student achievement in the classroom.

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Steve Jobs’ Inspirational Commencement Speech

August 31, 2011


Talk about inspiration! Steve Jobs, the former CEO of Apple, delivers a memorable and inspirational commencement speech to Stanford University’s graduating class in 2005. What I will always remember from the speech is this quote… “If today were the last day of my life, would I want to do what I am about to do […]

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