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Technology for Change: Kony 2012

March 16, 2012


  Not a whole lot to say here, except for WOW. Questions:  In this example, how is technology used for positive change?  What can you do to help?  Other thoughts on the video and the situation in general?  

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Google Sites: How to Create and Set-up a Google Site

March 12, 2012


Now that your Google account is created, you’re ready to set up your Google Site/Digital Portfolio.  When setting up your site, you will select a template or theme, site name and URL (web address), as well as decide with whom you will share your site. Deciding how to share your site is VERY IMPORTANT!  If you’re creating a digital portfolio, you do not want your […]

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Google Sites: How to Change Site and Page Layout

March 12, 2012


Once you’ve setup your Google Site/Digital Portfolio, the next step is getting the layout (where things are on the site) where you want them.  There are two types of layout – site layout and page layout.  When changing the site layout, all pages within the site change.  When changing the page layout, the layout only […]

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Using the Web to Save Grandma

March 7, 2012


Noah Lamaide seems a typical 12 year old boy. He plays on the computer, skateboards, and loves his family. What may not be so obvious about Noah is that he is a hero. Noah saved his grandmother from losing her home. Last year, Noah’s grandmother was told her house had been foreclosed on. Foreclosure means […]

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