Our Mission

Ms. Computer Teacher’s (MCT) mission is to provide free resources to dedicated students anywhere in the world that support the use of technology as a tool for both learning and creative expression.

MCT is dedicated to minimizing the time teachers and parents spend learning the latest technology trying in vain to keep up with the kids.  The resources created are primarily for students using student-input and tried-and-true classroom application.  With students teaching themselves the technology, teachers’ time is freed to focus on key content-area teaching.

Furthermore, it is MCT’s belief that every child in the world with access to reliable Internet and a web-enabled device should create a digital (or “e-“) portfolio that supports his or her growth in learning and achievements over time, as well as focuses on unique talents and abilities that make each child a special contributing member of society.

About MCT

Ms. Computer Teacher is dedicated to keeping students up-to-date on technology hot topics and computer skills.  MCT (Ms. Computer Teacher) is an actual technology educator whose joy is challenging all age students to use technology to work smarter and explore the world in new and exciting ways.  The creator of MCT  is young, fun, and super smart (a member of Mensa to be exact). 😉  She can also be found on YouTube dancing her little heart out, but exactly where that video is on YouTube will remain a secret…at least for now.  Speaking of YouTube, check out Ms. Computer Teacher’s YouTube channel at www.youtube.com/mscomputerteacher for a growing collection of computer how to videos.

MCT is always open to video and blog ideas, as well as feedback in general.  If you have a request or something to share, hit her up at mct@mscomputerteacher.com or leave a reply below.

MCT’s Fave Quote:  “Everything comes to he who hustles while he waits.” – Thomas Alva Edison
(In short, you want great things life, get off your tailbone and get to work!)

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