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7 Gadgets that Won’t Be Around in 2020?

October 19, 2011


According to writer Seth Fiegerman of the financial website MainStreet, there are seven tech gadgets that we aren’t likely to see many of in the year 2020.  Those items are GPS navigation systems (the standalone, single function kind like you’re likely to find attached to the windshield of a car), E-Readers (a HUGE disappointment to […]

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Make a Choice

April 27, 2011


Let’s pretend for a minute… Congratulations! Somewhere, somehow your school found the resources (money) to get individual technology devices for all the students in the school. The question is which device to get. The choices are a netbook, laptop, iPod Touch, iPad, smartphone, or e-reader. Which ONE of these devices do you recommend the school […]

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