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Fun and Running: An Inspirational Tale of one Lady Intent on Making Lives Better through Running

November 7, 2011


Love it when people selflessly do good things… Fun and Running.

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Google Sites: How to Add an Announcements Section

November 3, 2011


Many times people don’t want to search endlessly on your site looking for new stuff….make it easy on your audience and include an announcements section where you can quickly and easily update what’s new on your site, what’s new with you, or anything else you may want to share that relevant to your digital portfolio. […]

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Google Sites: How to Add Video

November 2, 2011


A great way to enhance a digital portfolio or other type of website is to add video.  Google Sites makes it easy to add video from YouTube or your computer (via upload to Google Drive). If you’re adding video to a digital portfolio, I recommend using videos that showcase you and/or your work.  For this video example, we’re going to […]

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Google Sites: How to Insert Tables and Lists

November 1, 2011


For the purposes of layout (where things go on your site), sometimes we may need to use a table to help keep our stuff in the proper place on the site.  Don’t worry, you can always make the border of the table invisible so that your audience doesn’t automatically see a table. Lists are also very important.  In Google Sites, we can […]

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Google Sites: How to Add a Photo Slideshow

November 1, 2011


When creating a digital portfolio of your awesomeness, it may be a good idea to include a photo slideshow.  Your slideshow may include pictures of you so that your audience can get to know you better or include pictures of your work or of you working.  For example, if you did a service project, presentation, performance, etc. it may be cool […]

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