Google Sites: How to Add a Photo Slideshow

November 1, 2011

Digital Portfolios, How To

When creating a digital portfolio of your awesomeness, it may be a good idea to include a photo slideshow.  Your slideshow may include pictures of you so that your audience can get to know you better or include pictures of your work or of you working.  For example, if you did a service project, presentation, performance, etc. it may be cool to put a few pictures representing these various types of work on your site.

If you’re not doing a digital portfolio, you may still want pictures of you with family and friends, or, if you’re a business, pictures of products and services that you offer.  For example, a home builder may include pictures of houses that he/she has completed or is currently working on.


The first video shows how to insert a photo slideshow using Picasa Web Albums.  The second video shows to insert a photo slideshow using Google+.  Google is always evolving and photo albums that used to be stored with Picasa Web Albums are now stored with Google+. Don’t do both videos!   If you have a Google+ account, do the second video.  If you don’t have a Google+ account, do the first video.

If you don’t know if you have a Google+ account or not, you can find out by logging into Gmail and clicking on the “+You” button in the top left corner.  If you have a Google+ account, you will be directed to your Google+ page.  If you don’t have a Google+ account, you will be prompted to create a Google+ page.

Remember to only do the video that makes the most sense for you!

How to Insert a Photo Slideshow using Picasa Web Albums


How to Insert a Photo Slideshow using Google+

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10 Comments on “Google Sites: How to Add a Photo Slideshow”

  1. Jadon P. Says:

    Mscomuterteacher how do u make that thing on top like idras


    • Ms. Computer Teacher Says:

      Hi Jadon!

      First of all, thanks for all the comments! It’s great to know what the students are thinking. : )

      Secondly, you have a couple of choices for how to change the header. A good place to start is by going to More > Manage Site > Themes and Colors (on the left hand side). You’ll see a place for header information, like font color and size. Play around there first. I’m going to post a video showing another way to change it, too, hopefully within the next week.

      Good luck! Let me know if you have anymore questions!



      • Emily C Says:

        Ms.Computerteacher i am trying to make the slideshow but the screen that shows up on the video does not look the same as mine on the screen. can you help me 🙂

      • Ms. Computer Teacher Says:

        Did you read the article with the video about the proper Picasa site to use? You’ll have to upload pics first to the Picasa web site then insert the slide show. Let me know if you still have questions.

      • elijah Says:

        cool good vids

  2. Ashleigh P. Says:

    I want to know what everyone else did for their “How to…” video. I don’t have anything and I don’t know if it’s allowed to be something as simple as how to tie your shoes or paint nails or even how to draw something. Hey; that’s pretty good. How to paint something or draw something. What do you all think?


    • Ms. Computer Teacher Says:

      Ashleigh, I think making a video showing how to do something would be awesome for your portfolio! Other students are using videos from Fizz, athletic events, performances, presentations, or videos they made and edited on their own. MCT


  3. Darrian C. Says:

    i hope my slideshow is good


  4. Nicole J. Says:

    This is so awesome i cant wait to see what it looks like


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