Google Sites: How to Change Site and Page Layout

March 12, 2012

Digital Portfolios, How To

Once you’ve setup your Google Site/Digital Portfolio, the next step is getting the layout (where things are on the site) where you want them.  There are two types of layout – site layout and page layout.  When changing the site layout, all pages within the site change.  When changing the page layout, the layout only changes for that particular page.

When editing site layout, you will have the option to change where sidebars and navigation appear.  You can also change the site’s header and footer sections.  For example, you may want your navigation listed vertically (up and down) in a sidebar or you may want the navigation listed horizontally (across) the top of your site.

In addition to making changes across the entire site, you can also change the layout for a particular page.  The layout options for a single page involve specifying how many columns you want the page to have.  By default, your site likely has a sidebar with vertical navigation and one column of main content.  We’re going to change our layout up a bit for the digital portfolios to reflect two columns so that more information can be quickly and easily seen by our audience.

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2 Comments on “Google Sites: How to Change Site and Page Layout”

  1. ttrodriguez Says:

    Awesome video and very informative!


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