Steve Jobs’ Inspirational Commencement Speech

August 31, 2011


Talk about inspiration! Steve Jobs, the former CEO of Apple, delivers a memorable and inspirational commencement speech to Stanford University’s graduating class in 2005.

What I will always remember from the speech is this quote…

“If today were the last day of my life, would I want to do what I am about to do today?”

referring to the big question Mr. Jobs asked himself each morning. If the answer is no too many days in a row, something has to change. How can we each get to a place in our lives where the answer to this question is YES! YES! YES!?

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75 Comments on “Steve Jobs’ Inspirational Commencement Speech”

  1. Cole Scearce Says:

    Steve jobs was a hero because he invented the computer. I wouldnt be posting a comment right now if it wasnt for him. Now I relize how important he was because i saw that video of a speech at Stanford. I love my ipod and ipad because it is fun to play games on them.


  2. Haydn L Says:

    Steve Jobs was a very important man. He invented Apple, Pixar, and another thing but i don’t remember. He didn’t even go to college. It is very sad he died.


  3. JP Says:

    Pixar makes good movies and I hope they still do.


  4. Diamond C Says:

    When he said it would be nice to live alittle more decayed it was sad because he died after giving his speech to people all over the world.He is very smart and intelligent he is also very inspiring in all ways your can think of.He does an good job in what he does.I am glad that he came back to school a little while to get more education.he is saying What Ever Happen You should Always Belive In Your Self than whatever you do.but I am glad he lived a little longer but It is sad he died at age 56 I wish he could still be alive right now.I think his speech was wonderful but he was so confident of what he was doing and how he loved what he was doing.He has
    advanced in technical and he always going to the be the biggest contributor.
    R.I.P Steve Jobs You GENIUS!<3


  5. Haydn Lyons Says:

    Steve Jobs was very important because he invited stuff.


  6. JP Says:

    Steve Jobs was a good and important too. We were lucky lucky that he was born because he invented many important things.


  7. Amaya W. Says:

    I think it is very sad that Steve Jobs past away. He was a very talented man. He made Pixar movies, and Apple. Some people would not have had a job if it weren’t for him. He is amazing, and nobody as smart as him should have died with that terrible disease.


  8. Joshua Says:

    He is smart. He made apple and didnt even go to college.


  9. Camryn T. Says:

    He is a very intelligent man but why did he drop out?


  10. John V. Says:

    I think this is a very touching speech, my favorite part was the three stories. I am wondering why he did he drop out


  11. Ethan C. Says:

    Steve Jobs was a good man I am kind of glad he dropped out of school.


  12. Olivia I. Says:

    It is hard to believe that dropping out of college helped him to start apple.


  13. Reece R. Says:

    I like his second story. He is inspiring and i wish him good luck.


  14. StaceyO Says:

    I feel that why he got fired. was crazy because he stared it and it was funny because when they started to go down he whent back and made evry thing else. And that was cool because he got mrried and got a lot more jods and then he came back. so that is what i whant to be like never give up and other things that he did and what I lerand that you cant see the fucher but you can see the past and learn from it.


  15. Jared C. Says:

    This is sad because he wanted to live for afew more decades 😦


  16. Blake B Says:

    It is so sad that he talked about living a few more decades but is already gone. This speach was only six years ago. Think of all the things he could of invented if it wasn’t for his second time having cancer. R.I.P Steve Jobs, you’re a genius.


  17. iman R. Says:

    i really liked his speech. it made more sense than social studies(with mrs e.).the 3 stories were really good.


  18. Enoch J Says:

    Why did he drop out


  19. Jay B Says:

    Thats very ture, he was a very smart and respeted man.


  20. hunter m Says:

    he is a inspirational man. he has influenced many and always will. he is a big contributor to how technology has advanced over the years. he is pretty coolio in my opinion. and his speeches have touch so many and helped many.


  21. Emma O. Says:

    Steve Job’s Speech
    In this video Steve Job I think that Steve Job was trying to say that you shouldn’t be afraid of what’s in life, you have to just put your best foot forward and trust that something good will happen to you. Steve really understood what that meant. When he was born he was put up for adoption. He ended up going to college, but he dropped out after a couple of months. He had a real battle because he had to fight for what he believed in. he created Apple and he was even fired from the company that he created. During that time, Apple plummeted. No one knew what Apple was or even who worked there. It wasn’t until the people rehired Jobs that Apple came back to life. I think that even though Steve was hit by some of the hardest hits that life throws at you, he still pushed through it and trusted that life would work its way out, and it did


  22. ethan b Says:

    Steve’s first speech really inspires me because he didn’t go to college. In the speech he drops in school. He only took the class he wanted to. I really like the speech he did.


  23. Alex G Says:

    Steve’s Mom put him up for adoption so he could be adopted by fellow graduates. Steve ended finding out that his mother had never ended up graduating from college. Steve ended up going to college, but dropped out 6 months later because he didn’t know what he wanted to do with his life. He said that dropping out of college was one the best decisions of his life even though he was wasting all the money his parents had saved their whole life. One surprising thing about this video to me was that Steve got fired from apple even though he’s the one that started the company. I think Steve is just trying to inspire you to do the right thing and follow your heart to what you want to do.


  24. Mackenzie. A Says:

    Steve jobs speech.
    In this video I feel that Steve Jobs is trying to say follow your heart and don’t be scared of the decisions you want to make in life because they can be for the better and help you become great, and even if they don’t you keep trying and start over until you get it right. He said this because he knows that life is short and we need to make the best out of it even though it means taking risks. He inspired me because even though he made a choice that did not always benefit him in the beginning, he always kept going and pushing through until it got better and made him even bigger in the technological world. So I guess what I am saying is, always keep pushing because things will get better. The story that he got fired from apple then started new companies like Pixar then apple bought one of his new companies then he got apple back.


  25. Jakob C. Says:

    The speech that Steve jobs gave was very interesting how he overcame all of the obstacles. The parts that inspired me were when he talked about getting fired then getting let back in because he was worth it. The reason that inspired me is because if you no exceeding someone expectations you can keep try it another way you can always get better and people will be impressed.


  26. Kyndal P. Says:

    Steve Job is saying not to be afraid of life. He wants you to believe that everything will work out. I will remember his first story that had a very good point. Also his cancer story was good, and he wants you to live everyday like it’s your last. You never know when something might happen. Steve wants you to keep trying and not give up!


  27. Michael J. Says:

    Steve Jobs had a family of low success his dad didn’t even get a high school diploma and his mom didn’t get a college degree. Steve ended up going to college, but dropped out. He took a computer class at college and learned a lot about computers. Steve Jobs was 30 when he was fired from Apple although he started the company in the first place. He had Some other guy he hired took over his job. Steve jobs manly tried to inspire us to do something good, and become a success.


  28. Adam G Says:

    After watching the video on Steve job’s I was surprised at all his life stories. Steve’s mom wanted Steve to be raised by college graduates so she put him up for adoption. He was later adopted by a man who didn’t graduate from high school and his wife that had never finished college. Steve’s mom only agreed if they promised Steve would go to college, which they did. The story I thought was most inspirational was the one about him getting fired from apple but still went on to do what he loved the most. This is the story I will remember the most because it is saying just to keep doing what you love.


  29. Chris C. Says:

    The thing I will take away from this video is, never give up when something bad happens because that accident might turn out to be a good thing in the future. Steve Jobs inspires me because of his determination. Many bad things happened to him in his life, but he never gave up and eventually became very successful. I will remember the first story the most because it explains how many obstacles he had to overcome to be successful. If Steve Jobs wasn’t so determined we probably wouldn’t have any iPods, iPads, or any fancy fonts on the computer!


  30. Cole L. Says:

    What I got from this video is that if you work hard for something then you can do anything. I also got that if something goes wrong that later it might help you in the end. You also can also die at any time any day. I was inspired by how he was saved of cancer. I will remember the story about cancer.


  31. Luke B Says:

    Steve Jobs
    After I saw this video what I took away from it was the perseverance that he had to go through to become successful. What inspired me was the message that he said about being successful can be hard and there will always be obstacles in your way but you have to be positive and conquer the obstacles one step at a time. The stories I will remember the most was about him being fired from a lot of jobs he took. The story I will remember the most is when he had cancer but persevered through it and lived through tough surgery and then went right back to being successful. Overall I think Steve Jobs was an incredible man with many talents and a great attitude in hard times.


  32. Shiane T. Says:

    He was basically saying that no madder what happens you can always believe in yourself. Also that life is rough, the most un-believable things happen but you can always get through it. If you love something you are doing… keep doing it, even if you get fired. Many times people have given up on their favorite job, because they have gotten fired. He lived through cancer, which is amazing; I say this because not many people can say it. Steve Job’s has enhanced this generation.


  33. Ian O Says:

    Steve jobs speech
    I think that Steve Jobs Is very inspirational. I liked his collage story the best. I thought his death story was very inspirational. I took away that sometimes it is right to fallow your heart.


  34. Dominick R. Says:

    The part when he said live every day like it’s your last, do the things u would do like it’s your last. What in spired me is grow up to be what you want to don’t let other peoples thoughts get to you. I will remember him saying he had cancer that couldn’t be fixed. But then when they stuck the tube in his mouth an got some cells he found out it was not bad as they thought it could be fixed with surgery.


  35. eric k Says:

    I think I liked the middle story the best because it like you never can give up in yourself and your family. He had cancer and the doctor told him to say his goodbye’s, but he didn’t lose hope. I think all stories were really good and it might help a lot of people to never give up.


  36. Coley R Says:

    What I took from the video was that technology was very different in the 70’s and 80’s that it is now. One thing that inspired me is that Steve Jobs started a company form his garage. The story I remember most of all is the story about how doctors thought he had incurable cancer but they healed him anyway. I also liked the determination he showed when he gave his speaches


  37. carrigan r Says:

    Always believe in yourself. Even when live got tuff he just played along with it. How he lived throw the cancer.


  38. Taylor B Says:

    This video told me that if you do what you love and never give up you can do anything. When I finished watching it I thought about not going to college but I need a degree to do what I want to. Jobs also made me think that everyone wants to go to heaven but no one wants to do what it takes to get there. I think Jobs is a very nice guy and I’m sad he had that cancer.


  39. Sam J Says:

    I thought that it was very interesting that he went this far as an Apple CEO without even going to college. And it surprised me even more that he started PIXAR which is the best animation in the world. I also feel bad that he had cancer in his pancreas, but it’s good that they could fix it :). I also think that it would be good to give this speech to college students challenging themselves beyond their capabilities.


  40. Abi C. Says:

    I learned to not give up and, to keep trying. I also learned that if I make little goals it will help me reach a bigger goal. The quote that he said really in spired me. “If today were the last day of my life, would I want to do what I am about to do today? “ I will remember the story about him having cancer the most. I was glad that it was curable. He is an inspiration.


  41. David R. Says:

    I liked the first story. very inspiring. I can’t believe he lived on the floor and ate one good meal a week.


  42. Emily R. Says:

    Live every day like you’re last. I think that says a lot more than you would think. 😉


  43. Senithb Says:

    What I took away from Steve Jobs’s speech was no matter where you come from, you can make something amazing. Steve Jobs never finished college and still made some of the greatest companies in the world. His parents never finished college and so I think he’s amazing. My mom always says, “The poor always become the wealthiest through love, hope, and determination.” I think that’s what Mr. Jobs was like, he probably never had much but came through and became one of the smartest, and wealthiest people in the world.
    I also like the quote, “If today were the last day of my life, would I want to do what I am about to do today?” this quote really touches me. If you don’t think this, you may never do what you’ve always wanted to do. Everyday should be adventurous, loving, and you should always have a smile on your face.
    I also got for you to always do what you love. Your always going to have you bad days but keep trying. Mr. Jobs got fired off his own companies but made others like Pixar. I really enjoyed Steve Jobs’s speech.


  44. Sabrina Kolls Says:

    I think the stroy that inspired me the most was his second story. The cancer that he had was very interesting to me. It interesed me the most because it was a rare uncruable cancer and he and the doctor thought that he wasn’t going to last and prepare yourself. I am glade that he was cured and doing fine. he should be grateful that he suvived unlike one of my relatives…


  45. Mandy Y. Says:

    what i take away from this video is that you have to live like your dieing. Like the song, you need to take the rains and do something. He inspired me to do that. He didnt even have an education and he still is a millionare. (sorry if i spelled it wrong)


  46. Sam Wood Says:

    I think Steve did a bad thing to drop out of school. He thought it would be fine, but it turns out he was living with his friends in their dorm on the floor. He also walked 7 miles to get dinner from a community church. I think he did fine on creating apple, Pixar, and next. He got a type of cancer in his pancreas, and can only be cured by surgery.


  47. Anonymous Says:

    I enjoyed the first story the most, I’ll probably remember him sleeping on the floor, and eating 1 good meal a week. I thought that was a very inspiring. I’ll remember that story for a long time.


  48. Johnny Foraker Says:

    Steve Jobs’ Inspirational Commencement Speech
    I took away that no matter what anyone thinks and no matter who it is that only you know what you love and only you know what you want to spend your life doing. Something that inspired me was that even though he was kicked out of his own company even though that he was fired from the company he started, he still did what he loved. It takes a real man to continue doing what he wanted to do after, when he did what he loved got him fired, but he stayed true to himself. The story that I will remember most is the one where he got up and looked himself in the mirror and said “If today were the last day of my life, would I want to do what I am about to do today?” and if the answer was no too many times he changed something. I found this truly inspirational and this will be something I will never forget!


  49. adam s Says:

    its ok even though i didnt feel the inspuration the speech was ok


  50. Cassie M. Says:

    What did you take away from this video? I learned that you can get a lot of go things out of something that goes horrible, but don’t give up on anything, keep trying. What inspired you? I was inspired that Mr. Jobs worked hard at what he did, and even after he got fired, he still was successful in what he did. I was also inspired at the fact that he was soo close to dying, and then all of the cancer was curable. Which stories will you remember most? I will remember the cancer story. That is one of those kinds of stories that amazes other people, and gives people more hope. I also liked the one where he got fired because he didn’t give up on what he loved doing; he took it as an opportunity to try again.


  51. Jenna L. Says:

    The message I found in this video was that if you stick to what you love good things will happen. I was inspired by his struggles and how he followed what he loved and used that to become successful. The story I will remember most is how he started apple then was kicked out of apple. Then he started two other very successful companies.


  52. Emily R. Says:

    I think that I will remember the last story the most. The thing that inspired me was probably the last thing that he said. I like that quote a lot so that is what inspired me. I got the message that even if you don’t make the best choices you can still do what you wish with you’re life.


  53. Matthew J. Says:

    I took away that if you keep moving forward and do what you love, then nothing can stop you. I was inspired by the fact that if you believe you can do it, you will and if you try hard enough, you’ll succeed. I think I’ll remember the story when he almost died the most. I’ll remember it because sometimes it’s always good to have a little luck. Over all, I learned that you just need to keep pushing through with life.


  54. Kaitlyn A. Says:

    I think this video was truly amazing. Mr. Jobs is an amazing guy, though I’ve never met him in person. He gives people great advice, and is very wise. He is a genius, and we wouldn’t have Apple without him. I hope he continues to make more products, and live long. His story is one I won’t forget in a hurry. Keep wworking, Mr. Jobs! This video inspired me to believe even more in myself, and I know everyone else was inspired, too!


  55. Julia C. Says:

    That was very motivational indeed. It kind of makes you want to stop being a lazy bum and get out and do somthing important. Somthing that will make you an important person. I will remember the story about his cancer. But why did the doctor start crying? Was it out of happiness, or was it because he made the family think that he was going to die?


    • Macey Says:

      it was cause he wanted a free mac so he cured him:)


    • Jenna L. Says:

      Ithinkthe doctor crid because he was going to be able to save his life


    • Kaitlyn A. Says:

      Hey Julia!
      I just wanted to say, I agree! it makes you want to do something important. I think the doctor started to cry because not many people can get cancer out of their bodies. Cancer is a very hard disease, everyone knows, and not many get out alive. When someone finds out they have cancer, it gets very tense and emotional, and it’s always a relief to finde out someone’s going to live! Especially for doctors-every day they see someone who needs their help, and they do what they can. Plus, its them who has to tell everyone their sorrowful news. I think the crying was out of relief, and happiness! Good post, though!


  56. Macey Says:

    What I took away from the Steve jobs video was no matter what you need to trust in yourself, do what you love and live every day as if it was your last. What inspired me was that this big CEO of apple never went to college came from practically nothing but still achieved what he did. That inspires me to follow my dreams and no matter how your life turns out you should do what you love and connect the dots backwards. My favorite story is the one about him getting fired from apple. I loved how he took a step back and took a look at his life, I didn’t know that he created Pixar; I didn’t know that he created the fonts and calligraphy in word and apple and I certainly didn’t know that he was married. So steve jobs is an interesting guy.


    • Patrick U. Says:

      I didn’t know that Steve Jobs created Pixar ether! That means he is a multi-millionaire/billionaire because he made all of the Toy Story movies!


  57. Patrick U. Says:

    I thought that video was very educational. I didn’t know that Steve Jobs of all people did not finish college. I also didn’t know that Steve Jobs once had cancer. What he has done is amazing and all of his stories inspired me to do what I want and let nothing stop me. My favorite story was his first story about him taking only the college classes he wanted to take, not the ones that were required.



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