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From Cyberbully Victim to YouTube Star: The Rise of Bethany Mota

April 22, 2015


How would you like to earn an estimated half million dollars a year from making YouTube videos? That’s exactly what Bethany Mota has done! When Bethany was just 12 years old she, like many young teenagers, became a victim of cyberbullying and consequently suffered from anxiety and depression. Eventually Bethany decided to make a YouTube […]

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Say What?! Google Nose Launches Today!

April 1, 2013

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What is Google Nose you might ask?  According to its website, Google Nose is the latest and greatest breakthrough in technology.  Instead of just typing, talking, hearing and touching, we are now able to SMELL through our computers, tablets and smartphones using Google’s Aromabase with over 15 million available “scentibytes”!  Users can smell scents such […]

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The Importance of Learning to Code

March 1, 2013


Some schools do a fantastic job teaching students basic computer programming skills….others, not so much.  If your school offers programming classes, excellent!  If not, how can a student learn to code outside a traditional classroom?  Is it even important we all have at least a basic understanding of computer programming?  Why or why not? Let’s […]

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Ask and you shall receive…

February 12, 2011


In a recent comment on the “About” page, Macey B. requested I add funny and interesting videos such as the opera singing video below. Thanks, Macey, for the suggestion!

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