Say What?! Google Nose Launches Today!

April 1, 2013

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Source: Google Nose Website

Source: Google Nose Website

What is Google Nose you might ask?  According to its website, Google Nose is the latest and greatest breakthrough in technology.  Instead of just typing, talking, hearing and touching, we are now able to SMELL through our computers, tablets and smartphones using Google’s Aromabase with over 15 million available “scentibytes”!  Users can smell scents such as a wet dog, lemon, spring morning or even car exhaust.  You can even share your favorite aromas with friends through Google Plus.

How does this new technology work you might ask?  Great question!  According to How Stuff Works, everything that has an odor gives off molecules.  Perfumes, flowers, food and other odorous things produce lightweight, easily evaporated molecules that move through the air eventually making their way into the nose.  Once inside the nose, tiny little hair-like projections called cilia “catch” the floating molecules. The cilia are attached to neurons which send a signal to the brain causing us to perceive a smell.

But wait! Where on my computer do the molecules from the Google Aromabase exit before entering my nose?  I know that my CPU has vents where the fan is and my speakers have little holes on the front where the sound comes out, but when I tried testing Google Nose I didn’t smell anything through the CPU or speakers.  Hmmm…maybe I should try my monitor, keyboard and mouse.  I got nothing!  My computer must be malfunctioning….or is it?

Wait…what is today’s date?  Happy April Fools Day! 🙂

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One Comment on “Say What?! Google Nose Launches Today!”

  1. Sidhee Singh Says:

    Wow, what a technology really in word its say’s only “Great”. I am totally impressed thanks for sharing with us.


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