Amazing Kid Photography

February 10, 2012

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Into taking pictures?  No, I’m not talking about taking pics in the mirror or with your friends necessarily…I’m talking about meaningful photographs that embody art and design.

Each year National Geographic Kids™ sponsors an International Photo Contest (IPC) specific to kids with the goal of challenging the creativity and skill of young minds. Recently, the 2011 winners were announced, and I’d like to share those winners and get your feedback on some of your favorite photos.

When looking through the photos, try to picture how the photographer got the amazing shot.  Did he or she have to physically position themselves in an awkward or uncomfortable position?  Think also about time….how much time did the photographer have to get the shot?  Beauty and love for art is a personal thing….people like and appreciate different things.  Using your own idea of beautiful art, as well as considerations for how difficult the shot was to get, select your favorite and least favorite photo from the 2011 IPC winners and describe what it is you like/dislike about the photos.  Use the photographers’ names to indicate which photos you’re evaluating.

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25 Comments on “Amazing Kid Photography”

  1. Emily M. Says:

    this is a cool website


  2. Victor Chi Says:

    I think these are really good! I am in the photography enrichment class here and I don’t think I can do this! I especially liked the bird picture of the mother feeding her babies, being an ornithologist of course.


  3. Cole T. Says:

    Theses pictures are outstanding! The kids have talent and shouldn’t let this go to waste. I took a special interest in the horse eye and the reflection in it. To get such an animal to do this is amazing. The reflection was what got me, the detail in it showed the farm, and where this was taken. Just the specific detail is quite outstanding in such a way where I just cannot believe a child couuld have done this.


  4. Mikayla Wells :) Says:

    My favorite picture was the picture by Radvilė Dilytė. i like it because it’s a really cute picture of that couple standing on a ledge. i think that it also has a really good view of that mountain range. My least favorite picture was the one taken by Gabriela Emilova Penkova. it just seemed so plane and boring. it’s looks too, normal.


  5. Maegan V. Says:

    I think that these pictures are really cool. I love the grand prize picture It is so bubbly. My second favorite is the one where there are two people holding hands on the edge of the cliff. My least favorite picture is the one of the the dogs eye up close. I think that i don’t like that one because it show to much its not pretty. One that i think is and kind of don’t like is the one with the man at the top of the light pole with the soccer ball.


  6. Anonymous Says:

    I like the picture shot in Bulgaria because it is very thought churning but I really don’t understand the one shot in turkey because it makes no sense.


  7. Mattheos M. Says:

    I thought this was really cool. Young kids taking amazing photos, that’s so cool.
    My favorite photograph was the one where the baby is blowing on the dandelion. When i saw this it just brought back so many good memories. I think this was good picture really good.
    My least favorite photo was the one where the dog’s are in the window. I don’t really understand whats truly great about it.I mean i could like go home and go take the same photo except with my dog’s, and a different scenery. I just don’t quite get whats so great about this.


  8. Ryan Hickerson Says:

    My most favorite picture would be the one with the two people looking into a huge valley off of the cliff. I like this one because it is a cool sight that most people probably will never get to see. of coarse it would look even better in person and i bet the two people on the cliff along with the photographer were staring in amazement when they sow this.
    my least favorite though would probably be the one where the little girl looks like a astronaut because of the bubble. It looked like it didn’t take as much to get it as the other pictures. it was probably hard to get because it took three people but it just didn’t look as hard to get.


  9. Alex M Says:

    I think that the picture of the two people on the cliff with a river and the mountains in the background. I liked this one because it shows the nature and scenery in the background. I did not like the one with the girl underwater. I think that the black and white in that one makes it look bad. I also didn’t really like the one of the eyeball. I think it is two simple.


  10. Brendan L Says:

    i liked the one where the couple is standing on the ledge over looking the mountain.i think it is pretty cool to stand off of a cliff and not be scared.i would like to go there one day.


  11. Rachel Lafell Says:

    My favorite picture is the bird one by Zeynep Korkmaz. It has a mother bird flying at her children and them reaching out to get food. I like it a lot because the background makes it look like they’re in an egg. My least favorite is the basketball player on the lamp by Catie Dixon. It just doesn’t look good. I prefer all of the others before this one.


  12. Hayley S Says:

    My favorite picture is by Makayla Hayes, age 14. I thought this picture was really creative and cool to look at. I also like the ripples on the bottom of the pool of the picture. Whoever did has a really good eye at art.

    My least favorite picture was, Runner up. I did not like that picture because it did not look professional. It looks like someone could have just taken it with a smart phone. Also, i didn’t even really get the concept of it.


  13. Jonavon L. Says:

    I think that is really cool. They have a bright future in photography.I really like the one where the couple is on the mountain. The girl that took that picture is only 12. I disliked the one where the little girl have a bubble on her head. It seems pointless.


  14. Connor H. Says:

    I very like the bubble picture because it is funny. It look like she is in the bubble. I do not know how she got it so big.
    I very do not like the girl underwater picture. I very do not like black and white picture it makes it like old. To me but I think that it could be better.


  15. Katie M. Says:

    All I can say is that these pictures are amazing!These pictures look like that they were done professorially. I really liked the one with the couple on the cliff. I liked how the whole background was all different colors of blue. I didn’t really dislike anything they were all great and really really cool! Its really cool that people our age can do this.


  16. Lani Foglesong Says:

    my favorite picture was of the little hedge hog in the birds nest. this was my favorite because it was cute and clever. it had a nice touch to it. it was very simple and clean. easy to see what was the main point of the least favorite was the one where it looked like some girl was sky diving. this is because it wasn’t good quality. if it was supposed to look spotty then i just don’t find it attractive.


  17. Sage W. Says:

    Wow! I think all of these pictures are amazing. I don’t know which one is my favorite. My favorite one that I have to go with is the one with the two people standing on a cliff. I like that one because it seems really creative. I also like the one with the girl standing up on the sign. I think that is creative too. My least favorite is the one with the girl in the bubble. I feel like that is very very weird. I kind of creeps me out


  18. Kelsi Johnson Says:

    My favorite picture would have to be the puppies one! They are so cute and i love puppies! Plus some puppies are photogenic and they take really cute photos! My least favorite would have to be the bubble blowing one. They should have taken the picture with only the girl in it instead of the two girls in it. Also they should try to make it to wear you can only see the girl and the hand that’s holding the wand that the bubbles on.


  19. Matthew Soderberg Says:

    I like the picture with the kid and the log. To me, it shows the true beauty of nature and the life around it. My other favorite was the mountain. It shows how peaceful nature can be and what you can explore. I would love to go and see those places. Maybe I should be a photographer….Hmmm.


  20. Anonymous Says:

    The slide-show of the different pictures were cool. I wonder how these kids get their pictures so perfect….


  21. Anonymous Says:

    These are awesome! Being an ornithologist, I really loved the mother bird feeding her babies! The kids who photographed these are really great! I probably couldn’t have done it! There’s more to photography than point-and-click. I’m in the photography enrichment and I probably still won’t be able to take pictures as good as these. I mean, If you were to take a picture of that bird in flight, the wings would be burred, but the wings in this picture weren’t! How did they do that?


  22. Will K Says:

    I like the picture of the people standing on the edge of the cliff. It was cool. Also it sowed up really good in the photo. I did not like the photo of the fruit basket and the animal in the fruit basket. It was not that cool. It was funny though.


  23. isami Says:

    My favorite one out of all of them was by Peter Keöves, Age 12 from Hungary. His picture was of a porcupine with some fruit in a nest. I thought it was a really cute picture and it was well taken. I do not understand why all he got was an “honorable mention” because his photo was amazing.
    My least favorite picture was taken by Lara Pučko, Age 13. It was of a girl standing on a highway, in black and white. I do not understand why this was a runner up. Anybody could take this picture and photo shop it to look black and white. This probably wasn’t even taken on a professional camera. My iPhone can do better than this.


  24. Chandler B. Says:

    My favorite picture was definitely the picture of the two people on the cliff. i thought that this picture was beautiful! It really captured the beauty of nature!
    My least favorite picture I would have to say is the black and white one with the little girl underwater. I just think that it is kind of creepy. I really don’t care for it.


  25. Cristina T. Says:

    These pictures are really good. Some better than others but Defenetly all really good. You can tell that these kids are very talenet at both taking pictures and editing them. My favorite was the one of the horse’s eye, i loved seeing into his eye and seeing the reflection of the farm that was very creative. My least favorite was defenetly the on with the girl behind the bubble. That picture was very cool becuase the bubble was really big but i feel like theres alot more that could have been done to make that picture way better. Overall the photos were really good though.


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