A Review of the iPad Mini

iPad Mini

Source: Apple.com

Note: This review is by Anna M., an 8th grade student.  Thanks, Anna, for being a contributing author for MCT!

So you’re walking around the mall looking for the best gift to get little Jimmy and your husband Brian. What should I choose? What would they enjoy? Luckily you have a little help. Recently I got an Ipad mini for my birthday as a gift. I’ve now had a couple of months to check it out.

This product is an amazing creation from Apple because it is smaller than the larger and normal Ipad so, it is perfect for little hands. Just like all the Apple products, it comes out of the box ready to go. All you have to do is an easy set-up.

The name says it all. The Ipad mini has a screen length of 7.9 inches and is 23% thinner than a normal Ipad and 53% lighter. The Ipad mini is perfect for anyone in school because it comes with its own little helper. That’s right; the Ipad mini comes with Siri!  Ever since I got my Ipad, I have used Siri a lot to find out what the weather is going to be or open apps without even having to find them on the screen. I can also use Siri to help me type documents in the program Pages, Apple’s version of Microsoft Word. If you have a son or daughter who has a lot of homework, then an Ipad mini can really help them out. I have done my homework on my Ipad quicker than I can get it done on the computer or just by writing by hand.

So, when you’re walking around the mall for the holidays, or if you’re surfing the web, go to the Apple store or www.applestore.com and get an Ipad mini. Remember, Ipad mini- every inch an Ipad.

Check out the video below from YouTube giving more details about the iPad Mini.  Also, take our online poll below and give us your opinion about the iPad Mini.

Also available to watch on YouTube.

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23 Comments on “A Review of the iPad Mini”

  1. Dipendra Kumar Says:

    Thank you for the valuable knowledge share.


  2. Gates Says:

    I recently bought an Apple ipad its good but after read your artical and saw the picture of ipad mini i think i like it more than ipad.Its so easy to get fit on hand.and its smaller than ipad.Apple Computer Repair New York


  3. William T. Says:

    I’m not too sure about what I would want the most. The both have their ups and downs. The iPad mini is smaller and more portable. The normal iPad is bigger and you can see it better. I have an IPad at home and I really like it. I’ve used the mini and it is really good for games and the iPad is better for gaming and surfing.


  4. Christine C. Says:

    I like the iPad mini and i think its a cool idea but its not for me. if i was to get a iPad it would be because its so much bigger then my phone so i can see it better. i wouldn’t want it also because i feel like it would strain my hand. it looks big enough to hold but too big to hold comfortably.


  5. Katerina L. Says:

    I think that the iPad mini would be a lot easier to take with you to different places. It would be good for people who are on the go. I would definitely want one! I think that the iPad’s are just too big and this is a perfect size. I looks like it would be a lot easier to type with because you can hold it in one hand. I just sounds too me that the only thing that has changed is the size.


  6. Abdallah A. Says:

    I think that the iPad mini is awesome. I like how it is very thin, and can do the same thing as the iPad 2. I also like how it is very portable. The screen isn’t that big, but its a good size. I like how its something that you can put in a backpack, and not have it take up that much room. One of the coolest things about the iPad mini, is that it comes with, SIRI!


  7. Nicholas C Says:

    I think that the iPad mini is a cool tablet. I would prefer this over the regular iPad. The reason is because the iPad mini can do the same things an iPad can, it’s just smaller. It is also more portable.


  8. Grace V. Says:

    What I got out of the iPad mini was that it is basically the same thing as the iPad 2 but can be used with one hand. They had to spend a lot of time on designing the iPad mini because it is something that they have never done before. They made it so you could have the full iPad experience in smaller device.


  9. Natalie M Says:

    I think that the iPad Mini sounds a lot easier to handle/use since it is smaller. But at the same time it can do the same amount (if not more). I believe that the iPad is great, but it was just a little bit too big to me. Now that there is a smaller version that has the same quality, I think that people will find it more convenient and buy more of them than the original iPad. Now that I have read this article and watched the video above I would like an iPad Mini.


  10. Camryn T. Says:

    I would prefer to use the IPad Mini. I learned from the video that the IPad is better that the IPad because it’s smaller but it works the same way. It has the same display and the same look to it. The IPad Mini’s screen is 0.2 mm thick. The touch sub system is 0.12 mm thick. It weighs 0.68 pounds and is 7.2 mm thick altogether.


  11. Ben W. Says:

    I think the iPad mini is a big upgrade from the iPad because it is smaller and easier to handle rather than the actual iPad it does all the same stuff but it is smaller. I think they made it smaller was to compete with all the other tablets. But it is really cool.


  12. Austin A. Says:

    Personally, I would rather use the iPad Mini. Honestly, I prefer that smaller and more compact iPad because I think the original iPad is just too big and bulky. You get my vote for the iPad Mini!


  13. Adam C. Says:

    I think that iPad mini is a great tablet. It is better than the iPad because it’s lighter and thinner. It also has a better size. This would be a great gift for people of all ages.


  14. Matthew B. Says:

    I think the iPad mini is really awesome. It is like an iPad, except smaller and more portable. It is just big enough to hold in one hand. I have used one before and it is very fast and has good graphics. I hope they make a Retina display one, though. Also, I think the price of it should drop because it is very expensive, even for Apple products.


  15. Jaclyn Says:

    I think that the iPad Mini sounds like it would be a lot easier to take with you when you go places. It also seems like there might be easier to use the iPad Mini because it has Siri. I think it could definitely help make homework easier like Anna said. It also seems easier for people to use instead of having a huge device there is something smaller and easier to take places and use.


  16. John V Says:

    I think that the iPad mini is good, although i would rather buy an iPad or an iMac.


  17. Emily Grace A. Says:

    The IPad mini is just like the IPad but small enough t fit on one hand. The IPad mini has the same resolution as the Ipad 2, 1024 x 768. Everything in the IPad is accessible from the IPad mini and I really like that! I prefer the IPad mini over the IPad because it still works great for games, notes, organizing and it is more portable.


  18. Adam C. Says:

    I think that the iPad Mini seems like a very good tablet, especially because of it’s size and weight. It seems like a very powerful tablet and that it would be great for school work. It would be a great gift of some sort.


  19. Andrew S. Says:

    I think that they were right about how they had created the smaller lighter and thinner iPad they have ever done yet. One thing that they could do is have it be able to it so that it could fold up and fit into your pocket. I would love to be able to get one and be able to do what Anna M. and use it for homework so that I can focus more on spending time with family all the time at home.


  20. Emily Says:

    The iPad mini is pretty much an identical, yet shrunk, version of the best up-to-date iPad there is. It has everything, and more, that the iPad has, but it way smaller and 53% lighter. It is easy to use with one hand, but if I wanted that, I would probably get an iPhone. Or a Nexus 4.


  21. Idara Says:

    This is a very interesting thing to hear about the iPad Mini. I realized that you can use the iPad mini the same way you use the iPad. I was wondering is why does the iPad mini cost the same amount as the iPad. I answered my question, it is because the iPad mini has the same resolution and looks the same way as a regular iPad.


  22. Brandon Says:

    I do not really like Apple products. The iPad Mini doesn’t really stand out to me. I mean so what it’s between the size of an iPhone and an iPad? That’s just my opinion.


  23. Laney D. Says:

    I think the iPad mini is great! I’d prefer it over the iPad. I like iPads but they are just too big. I like the mini because it’s just like the iPad but smaller and it is easier to transport.


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