From Cyberbully Victim to YouTube Star: The Rise of Bethany Mota

April 22, 2015

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bethany-mota-2How would you like to earn an estimated half million dollars a year from making YouTube videos? That’s exactly what Bethany Mota has done! When Bethany was just 12 years old she, like many young teenagers, became a victim of cyberbullying and consequently suffered from anxiety and depression. Eventually Bethany decided to make a YouTube video about various makeup she’d recently purchased and a YouTube channel was born. At first, her video’s only views were from family but eventually she began to make more videos and catch the attention of other young teenage girls. Now Bethany has over 8.5 million subscribers on YouTube and almost 2.5 million followers on Twitter! She has been featured in many magazines including business mag The Business Insider and even the talk show Ellen where she described her cyberbullying experiences and how she got started on YouTube (watch Bethany Mota Meets Ellen).

Bethany is what is known as a “haul vlogger” meaning she makes videos about what she buys such as clothes, makeup, and jewelry.  She also makes video tutorials about hair and makeup, as well as styling tips and room decoration ideas. Her most popular videos are  “Easy ways to spice up your room! + DIY Decorations” with about 10.6 million views and “Morning Routine: Fall Edition!!” with about 10.5 million views.

You may be curious to know, how exactly does one make money from YouTube videos? Maybe you’ve made a few YouTube videos and are interested to know if and how you could make a little extra cash (most people don’t make a half million a year like Bethany) from those videos.  There are several ways YouTube videos can earn you money. The most obvious way is ad revenue made when people click on the ads YouTube places on your videos.Haul vloggers like Bethany are an advertiser’s dream. In addition to making money from the ads on the videos, sometimes companies pay people like Bethany to review their products or even place products in the videos.  Imagine that instead of having to go out and buy stuff to vlog (“video blog”) about, retailers send you free samples of whatever for you to review in one of your videos. The samples could be makeup or clothes, or could be something like tech gear or video games.  Pretty cool, huh? If your channel gets popular enough on YouTube, you may also make money from public appearances like other famous YouTubers such as Nash Grier.

Stay tuned. I’m working on a new MCT page dedicated to making YouTube videos and teaching a little more about how to make money from videos if you’re interested. In the meantime, check out Bethany Mota’s videos to get a better idea of what she does and how her videos look. Not into Bethany Mota? Check out some of the other famous young YouTubers such as Nash Grier, Fred, or the sweet little ladies over at Charli’s Crafty Kitchen.

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40 Comments on “From Cyberbully Victim to YouTube Star: The Rise of Bethany Mota”

  1. Ben M Says:

    What kind of videos do you make?
    – Stop motion?
    – Normal?
    – time laps?


  2. C R Says:

    Interesting. I knew you could get money from ads in you-tube videos, but I did not know that you could get that much money from ads!


  3. Regan F Says:

    What kind of camera is best for making videos?


  4. Anonymous Says:



  5. Buddy B Says:

    Can educational video series’s make money because I have seen ads on some that i watch?


  6. Bel O. Says:

    Interesting! What kinds of things are people interested in on YouTube?


  7. Alexa S Says:

    This article is really cool! I watched her video and it’s really nice and organized.


  8. Gavin M. Says:

    When you monetize your videos, how do you receive this “money.”


  9. Luke C. Says:

    What is the best equipment to get for making YouTube videos?


  10. Hailey Y Says:

    Really cool, can’t wait to try this myself!! Bethany Mota is definitely an inspiration 🙂


  11. Kolbe M. Says:

    How do you make money on a starting channel?


  12. Devan D Says:

    How do you promote your videos?


  13. madi Says:

    how many views do you need to start making money?


  14. Leif Kelley Says:

    PSA: If you make YouTube videos for the money, and not out of the love of creating videos, it is not going to end very well.


  15. Emily G. Says:

    How do you know when you when your lighting good?
    How do you make money of of you videos?
    How do you upload videos


  16. Tyler Moore Says:

    How do you control what ads get put on your YouTube video?


  17. Noah W. Says:

    How do you skip forward in the vids?


  18. Shanya B. Says:

    How do you make edits,or like cool things to add to your videos?
    What do you use to make your videos?
    How do you get a good camera/clear camera?


  19. Bridget F. Says:

    When recording yourself, how do you know where to point the camera???
    How do you figure out the lighting???
    How does someone figure out how loud the sound should be???


  20. Allison G. Says:

    How do you make cheap lighting.


  21. Parker Y. Says:

    How much time do you take to make your videos


  22. Jordyn R. Says:

    How long should you make the video


  23. Christian B. Says:

    How do you make the sound so good?


  24. Patrick P. Says:

    How do you get paid


  25. jaylei e Says:

    How do you put cartoon videos you make on YouTube?


  26. Meredith Y. Says:

    What is the hardest thing to do when recording?


  27. Zach C. Says:

    Ho do I get ads on YouTube videos?


  28. Trevor D Says:

    What is a good way to get a lot of views and subscribers?


  29. Brian S. Says:

    How do I make edits in a youtube video


  30. Francesca C. Says:

    I want to know what camera I should use to make my videos HD?
    How can I make my videos cool and fun to watch?
    How can I make money?


  31. Summer M. Says:

    what are some editing apps???
    what type should you use for a video??
    how do you upload videos to youtube?


  32. Sam S. Says:

    I’d like to know how to get ads on my YouTube videos?


  33. Abby L. Says:

    I would like to know how you make money from a video.


  34. Keegan B. Says:

    How do you get people to subscribe to you?


  35. Taylor H. Says:

    How do you know where you put your lights?


  36. Ayden L Says:

    What do you use to make your videos


  37. Carson H. Says:

    what is the best editing software


  38. Christen.J Says:

    how do you become popular on YouTube?


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