Google Glasses – Super Cool or Super Scary?

March 21, 2013

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So by this point most of us have heard of these new Google Glasses that Google is testing, right?  If not, Google Glasses are a pair of “smart” glasses  that when worn can actually do much of what a smartphone can do.  Some people even think that at some point in the future Google Glasses may replace our smartphones.  Don’t believe me?  Check out the video below.

Cool, right?  Hmmm…maybe not.  Google Glasses are kind of scary, too.  They allow the person wearing the glasses to photograph or video all they see!  Also, Google makes money through advertisements.  Many people are concerned that Google has been pooling data from its users across many Google products such as Gmail and Google+ to sell to advertisers.  Can you imagine how much more Google could know about you if you wear their Google Glasses?  Theoretically, everywhere you go and everything you see could be documented!   All personal information about us collected through the Google Glasses could then be sold to advertisers!  Yikes!  I don’t know about you, but I’d like to hold on to my privacy as much as I can in an increasingly digital world.

Source: Google YouTube Channel

What do you think?  Are Google Glasses super cool or super scary?  Why do you feel this way?  What else do you know about Google Glasses?

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76 Comments on “Google Glasses – Super Cool or Super Scary?”

  1. Computer Eyewear Says:

    It would be just superb! Eagerly waiting to own Google glass. As it is will just amazing to talk to the people at distant places without a phone at the same time we can also see them. Simply great technology!!


  2. Molly Kate S. Says:

    I think that it would be amazing to have those glasses. I think it might get in the way though. If I was wearing those glasses I think I would fall a lot or run into things because It would be focusing on the other things in my glasses. I think that these are super cool and scary. I think they are cool because you don’t need a cell phone and you can face time people on your glasses. They are also scary because I could run into things to much.


  3. Gates Says:

    You can say that its a great invent. But the one question in my mind is there is also a disadvantage of that thing because its make a road accident or some others accidents. The person who wear this glasses cant see properly on the road and front because your all concentration is on this glasses.Acer Computer Repair New York


  4. Hannah W Says:

    I think they are amazing. That was a great video. But could they have technoical diffcaties and not work at all for you to see. I think they are super cool and super scary. They are scary because it is just so shocking by how far technogly has come. But it is super cool because it is like a smart phone but can help you see. I do not now much more about google glasses, this is the frist i have heard of these glasses but i think i would really like to leran more about these glasses.


  5. Molly Kate S. Says:

    I think that it would be amazing to have those glasses. I think it might get in the way though. If I was wearing those glasses I think I would fall a lot or run into things because It would be focusing on the other things in my glasses. I think that these are super cool and scary. I think they are cool because you don’t need a cell phone and you can face time people on your glasses. They are also scary because it would scare me that my glasses are talking to me. I think It is super cool that google has taken this big step and made a new product instead of just having the computer programs. I am really impressed that they could make such an amazing thing. I would really want to own these exept I don’t need glasses and I would run into things. So, if I get these glasses whatch out world I might run into you. Haha.

    ~Molly Kate S.


  6. Lindsay S Says:

    I think this technology could change the world. I have always seen these types of things in movies and tv shows but now they are actually real. This idea is amazing and mind blowing to me, it makes me think what else can we do. I also think these glasses are very cool I mean you can do everything you could do with a smartphone without holding anything in your hands. The only thing that worries me is that Google could document everything you see and do. I like my privacy just like other people and that part of the glasses make me not want to buy them. Of course they have to have competition and I would by the other companies glasses if they did not share all of my information. I have not seen or heard about this before so it is shocking new but I am also very amazed by it.


  7. Delina B Says:

    I think this is really cool. I really want a pair of these. I think that Google glasses are super cool. I feel like that because it’s like a computer in your glasses. I didn’t really know that this was really going to happen. The only thing i thought was weird was that you had to talk to it so if someone is walking by and your talking they would think your like talking to yourself.


  8. Reece R. Says:

    I think the Google glasses are really cool. They have there ups and downs but it think more ups than downs. Something bad that could happen is that you are not paying attention while walking and they walk into the road and get hit by a car. Also someone could think that they are crazy by them talking to themselves. I think the glasses are for someone who has a very busy schedule or not a lot of time on there hands.


  9. Anna Teer B. Says:

    I think the Google glasses are really cool. Once they come out Apple will probably try to make it and make it better. It would be pretty creepy to see someone staring at you with the Google glasses. I think this would be a new way for Google to get more money because lets face it, Google + has like 3 active accounts. I would want to get a pair because I could take pictures with out pulling my phone out, or having to carry around a big camera. It also can tell you directions and it can get text messages for you from your friends. I know that Google glasses have been advertising their product for like 5 years.


  10. Carson . B Says:

    This is so cool. I don’t think it’s scary at all. I want these so much and i would think they would cost a lot! I would love to just say take a picture and it would take a picture! I would not want them on my head all the time though because i think they would be kind of weird looking. Also I don’t look good in glasses. They don’t even look like glasses so it would be kind of awkward walking around in them.


  11. Calvin B. Says:

    I think the glasses are cool. They can show temperature and rooms you enter, they also show you things on your calender you may have forgot. I don’t think the phone is that weird because I think a lot of people will buy them. I think being able to look up something hands free is cool.You can ask about a price of a place when driving there and not get in a car accident . I think this may cut down on peoples death from text and calling others when driving. I think this product will be coll and successful.


  12. Ayman R Says:

    That is so cool.I want a pair!but how much are they and where can i get them?
    Then again that is kinda wired to be walking around and randomly talking. that would make Google a butt-load more cash though.So cool to have that.


  13. Ella M. Says:

    I think they are Super Cool. They give you everything. I would like them because its like normal but then you’re doing everything right there.I think they would be odd though because they can video everything you’re doing but then again we are trusting Google with our email and much more.The Google glass would be cool though because you would always have them. I would not mind trusting Google with my video’s because you have the choice to take them off. The Google glasses are not scary in my mind but they are super cool.


  14. Haydn L. Says:

    I think these glasses are really cool. What I don’t like about them is people could like stalk you. Which would be pretty creepy.Overall I like them, you can do so many different things just with some glasses. Its like a personal GPS because the guy knew exactly where the other person was. I bet these things are really expensive so wouldn’t buy them. They also look pretty weird as well. Iv’e never heard of these glasses before now.


  15. drake m. Says:

    Ok glasses are just plain bad enough because you have to look through little squares of glass in front of your face. But now GOOGLE? Really google glasses that’s just plain out bad. They proably break fast and you poably would need to charge them. Who charges glasses?!?!?!?! I think google knows enough about me already. They know my real full name my aderess and proably more. I need glasses but I’m not getting them. Especially not google glasses that is way too far google.


  16. Stephen E. Says:

    This is one of the coolest things I have ever seen! I think these glasses can be super useful and the cool thing is they are hand-free. It’s kind of like I phone too because you can talk to people through it. Nothing like this has ever been invented, I think it will make history. You can check the weather and it’s also like a GPS. You can never get lost. I think the coolest thing is that it can take pictures. It seems like a spy gadget or something.


  17. Devin M. Says:

    I think the glasses are cool. They are cool and scary. People can stalk you. But its also like a personal GPS. Because that guy knew exotically where the other do was. This was the first thing i have learned about these glasses. I cant wait till they come out. They look like they are really cool.


  18. Jude W. Says:

    I believe Google glass is a good innovation. But I think there are some problems. Such as I cant were my glasses with it. Even if they did get subscriptions glasses on google glass it would be expensive. So its good for people with nice vision. Its probably not for me. It would be odd looking too. So its pretty cool though.


  19. William T. Says:

    I think that this is a big leap forward in the world of digital devises. These glasses can change the way we live normally. I’m not sure what to think about them, are they cool or scary. It does scare me that my personal info is in the hands of commercial companies. But these glasses could make life so much easier, and it could be fun too. I think they would be a little bit scary and risky. I’m still not sure if they are scary or cool, I think that they are both scary and cool.


  20. Austin A. Says:

    All I have to say is WOW! These glasses are so freaking cool because it’s pretty much your life right before your eyes. I love all the features like being able to take pictures on command, ask the glasses a question and receive an immediate response, get the location of a friend that your meeting. You can keep up with everything. Plus, it is so cool to see how far away your friend is. The personalization for these glasses is outstanding. They are definitely not scary.


  21. Christine C. Says:

    I don’t think that the glasses are a good idea but i don’t think they are scary. I think they would end up being annoying though because everyone would be talking to themselves in places like the bookstore or even in school. With phones texting doesn’t involve speaking to your glasses. also having something like that on your head all day might effect our brain or you might get distracted and end up hurting someone. I think it would be better if they gave smart phones alerts that would say subways were closed or how to get somewhere or find someone. but the glasses might be going to far.


  22. lewis R Says:

    These glasses are amazing. the only downside to me would be the fact that when wearing them I am giving Google a big look into my life and I don’t know if I want to do that. Like it said in the article they can then sell this to advertisers who will then advertise to me more than they already are. Other than that i Think they are amazing glasses. To think that they can now fit a smartphone into a pair of glasses i proof how much technology has evolved. I don’t know much more but i am still not sure if i would get them because it is a way to see into my personal life and i don’t think i like that.


  23. Ben C Says:

    Wow. The world of technology is really growing. I knew it was just a matter of time before there were glasses like these. I think other people have come out with glasses like these already, but none this advanced. I would be afraid of people paying Google to put big advertisements on them. I also fell that they could be a big detraction


  24. Nicholas C. Says:

    I think that these glasses will be the start to a technological revolution. The reason being is that if someone makes those kinds of glasses, the next thing you know someone might do it with contacts or something along those lines. I think these glasses are super cool not super scary. The reason I think so is because I wear prescription glasses, and the thought of getting the weather forecast by looking at the sky is simply mind blowing. Also being able to take video or pictures by just saying “take a picture” is again mind blowing. I don’t know much more about google glass but one thing I know I will be on the look out for when these glasses hit the market.


  25. Idara C. Says:

    I think that those glasses are really cool, yet unnatural; can people see clearer with those glasses? It is kind of scathe because it would kind of look like they are talking to themselves. I also kind of think that it is really good for people who find something while they are walking and want to remember it. So they keep up on what they need to do when they need to. But the glasses look like the person is a alien or a robot with that on… creepy… But at first I was thinking about wearing those google glasses but I figured out that I didn’t want to fir those reasons I had. But I also think that the tootle glasses are used to do things on the go and not have to get onacomputer or something like that.


  26. Katerina L. Says:

    I think that this is interesting to think that humans have actually come up with this technology. I think it is amazing that we have created all of these devices and that they can be so useful. I think it is cool that it can be used as a smartphone. It must have been difficult to create. There are pros and cons to everything as well as this. I think it would be really cool to be able to take a picture if you see something cool so you don’t miss it or to share a beautiful view with your friends if they couldn’t be there. I think it would also be kind of scary too because people could know exactly what you’re doing and people’s lives wouldn’t be that private anymore.


  27. Adam C. Says:

    I think these google glasses seem very interesting. I don’t think I would like to use them because of how much they would be able to find out about your life just by “looking through your own eyes”. I really do think that it is a very well thought out plan, and that it must have taken a lot of time and effort to make the glasses, but they don’t have a very appealing look. It is a combination of many devices, and I like the feature where you can recieve and make phone calls and text messages. Don’t get me wrong, I do think that this is a huge advancement in technology, but in no way does Google have the right to “stalk” people through some fancy glasses they made.


  28. Camryn T. Says:

    I don’t really know what to think about these glasses. I kind of think they are cool because you can tell them what to do without having to move your hands or anything. But it’s also kind of scary because you could be talking about personal stuff with a friend or a family member and advertisers could take that information and sell it. Maybe if they made the glasses so that people couldn’t document everything you say or do, then it would be definitely cool.Though glasses like these would be quite expensive and smartphone manufacturers would be down LOTS of money because more people would want this one. I think it’s amazing that they made it though, but wearing it around on your face would be kind of awkward.


  29. Ellen M. Says:

    I think that these Google Glasses are really cool and convenient but can also be scary. It would be convenient to be able to ask for directions and then be able to see them wherever you look. That can help a lot of people not get lost! Also its a hands off way to communicate with people and take photo graphs. This is not only cool but a convenient way to leave your hands free while doing something important. It could also be scary because this is a very futuristic piece of technology and can give us a glimpse of our future lives. In the future we could have crazier items that could benefit us in many ways but could also harm us in other ways as in making us more lazy. I have some questions on how these glasses would work though. One question that I have is how could you select an item? Also how would you make those icons appear or disappear? My last question that I have is that could people who currently have prescriptive glasses or like others glasses, would it hurt people’s sight?


  30. Laney D. Says:

    I think that these are amazing. It must have been difficult to create them. To me they are both cool and scary. It would be neat to be able to do all that stuff with the glasses. It really is just like a smartphone. The map is really cool in my opinion. It would also be really weird because if you didn’t know someone was wearing them they could take videos and pictures of you. I know I wouldn’t want someone to be able to know what i see, do, or say. I still think they are a cool invention and want to learn more about them.


  31. Andrew S. Says:

    I think that this new thing could change life as we know it and would calm and relax us. Without having to take out a phone we just say something and we get the answer. I wish I had known about this sooner and that I could get one if they ever are up for sale anywhere. I think that these glasses are a little scary because all anyone has to do is ask your location and then someone could follow you around watching where you go. But otherwise that this is a great idea and I hope Google can make the best out of this product. I do not know much about these glasses and today was the first time that I have ever heard of them. I do have one question about these glasses, how many have been made and if they go for sale what might the sale price be?


  32. Emily Grace A. Says:

    These glasses really impress me! I think that they are super cool but in the same way kind of scary. They can do anything and everything that you need them to. They are also a little scary because you could take photos of anything without they other person knowing. The good thing about asking “where is John?” They have to accept your request of asking where they are. This is good because anyone could ask where I am and i might not want them knowing my location. I think that is really cool how people can make something that is able to do all the everyday tasks. I like how they made it when you look outside it tells you them temperature. I also like how you can take pictures really easily and respond to a message quickly. Overall i like theses glasses and but sometimes keeping your personal information to yourself could be hard.


  33. Evie F Says:

    WOW this is really cool I think that i may want one of them if they are not going to take information from emails and other things. This is going to be really fun to have but I would have a few questions. First how can you see all that stuff if the glasses are on your eyes. Also how would google take information from it and why would they do that. So you can video what you see and it is voice controlled. This is a great product and i can’t wait to hear more.


  34. Adam C. Says:

    I think it is really cool. But I don’t want a thing recording/documenting everything I do/see/decide. I think it should stay personal. If you want people to know than you tell them. If you don’t want them to know, then you don’t tell them. I think it is a cool invention. I think the video makes it look cool, but if you think beyond it, it would be creepy and everything would be documented.


  35. Emily M. Says:

    These Google Glasses are very cool! I also agree with the blog, they could replace smartphones in a few years. Although, I think that it is a little scary how Google could possibly be collecting data about us. However, I do not think that Google would do that. Why would Google want to know our personal information, what good does it do to them? The only reason I think that Google might possibly be collecting data about us is so they can find out how often you are using the Google Glasses, whether or not you like them, and what you think of the Google Glasses.


  36. Kaley S. Says:

    I think that this is a really good idea for someone who is always on the run or is really busy. It can tell you any information that you need to know about your day or any plans you have coming up. I think it’s very unique because it has all of the phone’s features, but it does more. You can call people on it and even send texts. You can also take videos and pictures. This product would be a good thing for business workers and people who are really busy to have because it is hands free.


  37. Devan D. Says:

    I think that the Google glasses are awesome. It is just like a phone only you can see it when ever you want. Like a phone you can never lose. I would love to buy them, only I really dislike the privacy issue. Also I love how it shows notification and how it is always with you. If Google fixes the privacy issue then I would be like the first person to buy it. I wonder how much they cost?


  38. Ben M. Says:

    I think that these glasses are freaking AWESOME!!!! I used to want a iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, or iPhone 5, but now, I’d be fine with keeping my 4th Generation iPod Touch and getting a pair of these bad boys. I personally think that these brand new Google Glass are SUPER cool!!! But also pretty scary at the same time. Google could be finding out what you do daily, or videoing personal information. I would also LOVE to find out more about Google Glasses and might research more about it to find out more.


  39. Arveyyah J. Says:

    I think that these glasses are super cool. They look kind of ugly though. If they looked stylish i would so buy them. I think this because all you have to do is speak what you want to do. Plus you do not even have to pick up a device. I do not know anything about these glasses i did not even know that they existed. Other than that they are awesome!


  40. Hailey Y Says:

    I think that the Google glasses are cool, but they could cause problems. They have things constantly popping up, so if you were walking and were paying attention to the glasses then you could get hurt your body or eyesight. I feel the same way as you Ms. Computer Teacher, about the privacy. If Google was tracking where you were, then they would know whether or not you were home. I know that Google glasses can also stream videos, a friend in class told me. My final vote is on super scary.


  41. Jackson O. Says:

    Personally i think this is an amazing invention. To think that over the years technology has come this far is mind blowing. Who would think that one day we would have glasses that do not only take pictures, but act as a GPS (even inside a store trying to find a specific section), play music, enable calling other people (even face time)?- the creator of spy kids… maybe- this is a huge movement in technology accessible by the public. I hadn’t even heard of Google Glasses until this video, but now that i have i’m interested in them. I think these are both cool and scary. I would like a pair of Google Glasses for myself.


  42. Darith K. Says:

    I think this idea is really cool and innovative. I think I would like to try one of those. Google glasses seem really cool, and it’s helpful to have all the things you need for the day on your glasses! People do say that the glasses also take pictures and send them to advertisers, so they know what to advertise, but the ads might be helpful! And plus, I don’t really look at advertisements. I feel that the glass are an awesome, hands free device that could revolutionize technology. One thing I am curious about: how to you control the glasses? When you look up, does the menu come up? Do you speak to the glasses? Do you nod or shake your head or something? I am very curious about that. Also, is this thing as sensitive as it is in the video? I mean, it understood what the guy was saying when his mouth was full! How good is this voice recognition? I hope it is what these people say it is, because if these glasses are anything like the video, they will be awesome.


  43. Kennedi C. Says:

    The invention is overall an okay one but I believe it could cause problems and even be a danger to others. If your driving couldn’t the pop ups block your view of the road? To be honest I would not buy a pair because to me it seems very stupid. i know you can take pictures of what you see, talk to you friends, share things on social networking sites but i am perfectly fine using my iPhone. Honestly i do not thing that there is a need for this it seems very distracting and pointless.


  44. Nelson R Says:

    This is one of the craziest inventions i have ever seen and they are really cool to me. It is just crazy how they tell you these things you need to know and they are cool because you can talk to it and it responds to everything you say and reminds you stuff.


  45. Daniella R. Says:

    I think glasses look really cool. You can get gps in the corner of your glasses! How cool is that. Plus, they can give you important notifications and show your emails. Sure, Google could be using this to track you. But, what do you think cell phone companies do with your cell phone when you text or call? Plus, they don’t look that bad. Although you might get some strange looks while wearing them. But, it’s worth it. I have a lot of questions regarding this new product. Are they actual corrective lenses or just glass? How so you scroll? Can you scroll from side to side?


  46. Baxter B. Says:

    I think that the glasses are inventive and the idea behind them has a good concept. It’s just that it seems like society or people are doing less and less for themselves. These days we have all of this technology that makes our lives simpler. Some day people aren’t going to be able to function for themselves if technology keeps developing like this. I think that Google has this great idea, but there are other problems that come along with it. I also think it’s really scary. For Google to know where you live, who your friends are, what your daily routine is. Some people will definitely feel like their privacy is being taken away. Maybe if they made these glasses that weren’t connected to Google or any other company. Like if they were for your own personal use.


  47. Jordan K. Says:

    I think that the google glasses are cool an new way to communicate with others. Also I
    think these glasses are a way invading someones personal property. They are super cool an super scary. My reasoning for this is that it is fun way to get around and contact friends, but at the same time is invading peoples privacy. I would not want someone taking pictures of me through glasses, I feel that this is invasion of my own privacy. Something else i want to know is can the glasses call people like you would on a cell phone.


  48. tcrews Says:

    Well I think they are but I don’t think they are going to sale very well. The glass are kind of good so you don’t have to carry a camera. But if you take pictures of some people and they don’t know they could be mad at you. I feel this way because if somebody took a picture of me and I would not like it. They can take a picture and it helps you see.


  49. Spencer E. Says:

    What I think about the glasses that they really cool, like you just wear it, you do not need hold it. I think they are super cool because you just put it on your face just like regular glass. I also think it is a good idea for it a higher level of tech of a camera. I feel this way because you don’t need a camera. Well I don’t a lot about the glass for this is the first time heard about the glasses. I just think it really cool, it is just a new way to take a picture.


  50. Samantha B Says:

    I think these are really cool, but i wouldn’t want them. The glasses look like they do pretty much the same thing as a smartphone, but i wouldn’t want someone (like a google worker) watching my every move all day every day. Having these would make many things quicker and easier, but you would pretty much lose all your privacy, and personally i don’t think we have enough privacy in this world as it is yet alone someone watching your every move. I also think these would be really uncomfortable and expensive, it’s like paying to have your privacy taken away from you and paying for discomfort. They don’t look good either, they don’t look good when you put them on they look all awkward and not right, if someone wore them they would get many strange looks. I don’t think these are going to be that big of a hit, because if people knew everything they did i’m pretty sure they wouldn’t want them, i mean we all want our privacy right?


  51. Skylar M. Says:

    I think these glasses are an amazing invention! It was so neat when you could check out how close someone was to a location or when you could check out if a restaurant was good or not. The glasses are pretty cool, but i wouldn’t want to have them. It would get in the way if every time i looked somewhere, these little circles would pop up. Also, if every time you wanted to send a text you would look like you were talking to yourself or you’d have to go to a quiet place. The glasses would be a handy thing to have, they would just get on my nerves.


  52. Bruce w Says:

    well i will admit the glasses are cool. also in my opinion it can do allot of things people might not wont. like the pictures thing. also couldn’t this be a hazed for drivers. like if someone is calling you they will obstruct your view. also the same when it is showing you directions. also what if you are videotaping something you are going to get in trouble for. lastly it invades some privacy.


  53. Ethanh Says:

    I think that the Google glasses are really cool and if put in the right market they can sell big.I don’t think that this new technology will be scary it may have some problems with breaking easily. I know that it has a messaging software and you can look at where you at using the GPS and it has a camera on it u can also listen to music and you can also create reminders.


  54. Tyler H Says:

    I think that it would be super cool. I say that because its amazing how they can do this with technology. it would be helpful to lots of people because they could look up something just like that our take a picture of something real quick instead of going in your pocket, bag our pocketbook to get your phone. I have a few question about the Google glasses. Do you have to charge them? if so were would the charging hole be at? how much are they? They seem like a ton of money.Are they for everybody our people with glasses? I looked at a picture of them they look weird and robot like. Do they have any with lenses? But overall i would get these glasses because they amazing and cool.


  55. Kiera C. Says:

    I honestly think all this stuff is weird. I mean…Google must really have nothing else to come up with, cause it takes some serious time to come up with something like this. I think, in a way, the glasses are both cool and scary. In a sense that..they can do things for you and tell you where to go, and call people and play music….but you are invading peoples privacy. ALOT!!!! If you have the glasses on, everywhere you go, they go. What if something accidentally happens where someone gets really mad, and are serious about their privacy. What are you gonna do then. I just don’t think it’s safe. Yea it’s cool, yea it’s new, and fresh…but it’s kinda awkward. This is the first I have seen these google glasses. Never heard of them or seen them before this. Maybe they will make a new pair where the glasses aren’t as much as a “privacy invasion.”


  56. Corey H. Says:

    I think that these glasses would be a huge advancement in technology and would shut out many other technological devices. These glasses could revolutionize the way we communicate and how we would map out our day. Though there is the problem that if you have these on while driving, something could pop up and block your view causing an accident. Also, these glasses could invade privacy if Google was secretly recording what you did all day and advertized what matches close to what products you might want so they can sell them to you. But all together these are very cool glasses and they blow what other companies have made out of the water.


  57. Cassandra C. Says:

    I am not sure about these glasses. Like they look cool and all but i mean what if you get shocked! You could just be walking and then it just starts raining and then the glasses get wet and then boom. . . . you get electrocuted! But i also think it would be pretty funny to see a lot of people talking to themselves. They need to made them look a lot better cause right now they look like a accessory gone wrong. I mean there really ugly. But i personally wouldn’t get it.


  58. Jessica S. Says:

    I think that this is super cool. With these glasses you can see the weather forecast, take photos, video chat, etc. This new technology can help many people with busy schedules and work a lot. Most people think that Google will abuse the power of the glasses and take pictures of our personal life. But I feel that Google wouldn’t do this to their costumers just for advertisement or money. I know that the glasses allow you to set up reminders for your day.


  59. Abby S Says:

    I think these glasses are really amazing. It’s so cool that we have the technology to do that now. I don’t think they’re super scary, because they’re basically do the same things that phones do but, they’re glasses. Yes, it might be a little bit scary that you can take pictures of everything you see, but it’s not like everyone who wears the glasses is going to post pictures Of everything they see. I would like to learn more about what they look like and how much they cost. Do they look like regular glasses? Are they really expensive, or are they cheap? Are these actually like eye seeing glasses or can just anyone wear them, eye problems or not?


  60. Joshua C. Says:

    To me they seem really advanced and can help with many things as shown in the video. One of the things that was a little weird though was that he could see exactly where his friend was and know his location. To me that seems like a violation of privacy. Does it have a setting where you can make it so they cant see where you are? However I still like the many features it has. It basically means you can do anything an iphone or smartphone can do hands free! Overall it seems like a great product for people on the go but we will just have to wait and see what happens with this new innovative technology.


  61. toriw Says:

    I think this is amazing.There are so many cool thing that you can do on the glasses.I mean you don’t even need a phone.I think that are kind of scary and kind of cool.I mean yes some one could use it to take pictures of you but also if you need help finding a way to get somewhere then it will help you get there. Google glasses would make life so much easier then like caring around a phone but i know i would like to have Google glasses.


  62. Grace V. Says:

    I think the glasses would be very useful to some people. My only question is when something pops up on the glasses wouldn’t that block your view from something else? I do think that in the near future we will be seeing some people wearing these glasses. The glasses are super cool but they seem like they will be very scary at points in time. They are cool because we made something that will be useful with the technology that we have today, but what if someone is driving while wearing those glasses. They seem like they can cause accidental harm to people. The only thing I want to know more is how are they going to make it better or what are the new version going to look?


  63. Natalie M Says:

    Wow, Google glasses are so high tech how can you not want them. But then again there is that factor of how Google can see pretty much everything you do while you wear these. Don’t get me wrong it’s a good idea but I just don’t think that very many people will want to buy these since they will probably be expensive and they can document your daily life. This is my first time seeing this new life changing invention, so I don’t want to be rude. But I do know that these new glasses are not very fashionable. i can’t imagine everyone or anyone wearing these without getting a strange look.


  64. Zach K. Says:

    I think these google glasses look really cool. But I also think that they look kind violating, like a constant facebook sort of thing. It also seems like if these rumors about google taking your personal information and selling it is true then a lot of people will stay away from them, but I will definitely be watching to see how they do. And if they do well, it could be a huge thechnological leap forward for our society.


  65. Brandon Says:

    I’m not really too concerned. Besides, it is just a rumor that they could send our information to advertising companies. The thing about the taking videos of everything you do, I guess that is kind of creepy, but its their choice if they want to. I wonder if Google is going to make everything save on the glasses or if it will be on cloud like Google Drive. I am really excited for when the come out with these. I hope they work like real glasses and help you out with your vision because I am getting glasses soon. Let’s hope its not super expensive.


  66. Matthew B. Says:

    I think the Google glasses are a really interesting idea. You could be able to take pics and videos of whatever you see. I wonder how you would use them, because it isn’t a touchscreen. The idea of Google being able to stalk you see where you are going is a little weird. I personally don’t like this idea, and I would prefer a phone. You can do the same things with a phone as with the glasses and you wouldn’t get stalked by Google. The glasses also might be dangerous if they block your eyesight. Also, they would be a driving hazard. You couldn’t really Face time or Skype someone because all they would see is your eyes. I wonder how long the battery life of these glasses will be and how they connect to the internet.


  67. Abdallah A. Says:

    I think that these glasses are super cool! They can take pictures and take calls! Its like having a phone, but in the shape of glasses. I like how you can talk to it. But, it would make people think you are weird talking when nobody is with you.
    Its pretty scary though. You can know exactly where somebody is, and how close they are to you. That can be handy, like if you have a child. But, these things must cost a fortune! I think it will cost well over $1,000 dollars. Its a phone, laptop, and camera. One question i have is, can you go on the internet with them?


  68. Arieanna O Says:

    I think the glasses are really cool. But what if people starts depending on the glasses and they break. People won’t know how to get to different places or remember peoples numbers and etc. I think technology can be really fun but can harm our way of learning. One way it can harm our way of learning is for example you have a glitch on your glasses and it tells you the wrong way to go and you wont know which way to get back home because you are always depending the glasses. Its kind of scary to because other people with the glasses can video tape you.


  69. Jaclyn M. Says:

    I think that it is interesting at the technology that we as humans have come up with. It is interesting to see that these glasses are doing the same thing that smartphones can do. That is kind of scary but cool to me. I think it is a little scary knowing that Google could know about everything I was doing or who I was talking/texting with, because it is nice to have some privacy and not everyone knowing what you are doing. I think that they are cool because it would be interesting to walk around and have on a pair of glasses that can tell you where to go or if someone wants to talk. It is all really interesting but kind of scary. I think, that I think it is kind of scary to think about because most people like to have some privacy. But I think that it is cool because I mean 50 years ago we would have never had anything like this. So it is cool to see how it has evolved over time and to see the new inventions. I don’t really know anything else about the Google Glasses, to be truthfully honest.


  70. Emily S. Says:

    I think that Google Glasses are innovative, productive, but yet a little scary. If I wore these, anyone at Google could be looking into my private life. That would work for spies, if their government could look at what they are doing, because they are supposed to tell them most things anyway. If you get these glasses, it would be like you consensually gained a new stalker. I guess smartphones technically could do this too. I guess the trade off for using cool technology is personal information. I am not sure I want to make the trade. This glasses are cool and all, and could save a lot of time and energy, but in exchange for personal info? This is a tough decision.


  71. Ben W. Says:

    I think these Google glasses are amazing. I would buy a pair right now. The only thing is, is the privacy; I wouldn’t want it to be everywhere on the web shared by Google like it said in the paragraph above. Also there probably quite expensive but they still look and seem awesome. I think I’ll check into them a bit more a see what there really about.


  72. John V Says:

    I think that it would be cool. But it would be weird if you went outside without your Google Glass and then you saw all these people that looked like they were talking to themselves. Also, if you could just look something up without having to use a phone or a computer, what would the need for any human interaction be, you could just look stuff up with Google Glass, you could probably pay for things without having to even go too a cash register, you could just pay for with Google Glass. There would also be no phones, because you could just talk to people and see them at he same time, but you could just ask Google Glass to call them and you would be talking to them. It is basically just a way to limit Google’s competition by making all other things obsolete.


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