Bill Gates Discussing Steve Jobs

February 6, 2012

Tech News

As many know Steve Jobs the co-founder of Apple passed away this past October.  Below is an interesting interview with Bill Gates, the co-founder of Microsoft, about Steve Jobs.  At one time in history, Steve and Bill were considered rivals (as seen in the movie Pirates of Silicon Valley).  Ultimately, however, these two men inspired each other greatly, and it’s because of this inspiration and rival competition that we have the personal computer as we know it today.

Bill Gates on Steve Jobs


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67 Comments on “Bill Gates Discussing Steve Jobs”

  1. adam s Says:

    It is nice that he is talking about him. Im sad that he died. He invented many great things.


  2. Matthew J. Says:

    This video made me feel bad for Bill. I think that he and Steve were once good friends. It must be hard to see him go.


  3. jenna leonard Says:

    i think its nice how bill gates is finally in agreement with steve jobs. i always thought them feuding was stupid im glad they are at peace with one another. i would have liked for this to happen even if steve jobs wasent dying


  4. Sam W. Says:

    i think Bill and Steve were great friends. i wounder what it would be like if Steve would not have made apple. i also think in this video Bill is upset that his friend has passed a way.


  5. Anonymous Says:

    this video made me think about what we would be without the things that he created


  6. Victor Chi Says:

    I think Bill Gates really misses Steve Jobs. From what I heard from the video, I’d say they were friends. It must have been hard for Bill to see Steve pass away. I know what it feels like, sort of. One of my best friends moved away whenn I was little.


  7. Kyndal P. Says:

    Steve Jobs was a great man. He had to do a lot of work to become how successful is today. Him and Bill Gates did a lot of work to accomplish all of this. This interview was very interesting and I learned things that I didn’t know about.


  8. Mikayla Wells :) Says:

    Though Steve’s passing is sad, it’s still great that Bill Gates isn’t mourning over it. i think it’s cool how they’re the type of rivals that still respect each other. It seems that there more friends than anything else though.


  9. Cole T. Says:

    As alot of people know by now, Steve jobs is dead. Most are sad in this lost, but he was a good man. Some say it like he is the only creator of Apple products, he has help, he is a co-founder. Although he made stuff such as iTouch, and the iPhone, this is just the same thing as Bill Gates and Dell. Steve and Bill do the different things, but in the same way. They are both very excellent men from what they did. Before hand, Steve and Bill were rivals, but not in such a serious way. They talked sometimes, such as the women they married and how they are lucky to be them and how much success they have had in there life. In the end Bill thinks that Steve was a great guy and very succesful.


  10. Rachel Lafell Says:

    I really like that they eventually reconciled. They’re both great minds and if Steve had lived it would be cool to see what they could have made together. I’m happy that Bill Gates plans on keeping up work for a better future.


  11. Adam G. Says:

    I think that Steve Jobs and Bill gates both left behind big things for this world and they will never be forgotten. No body knows what Bill will come up with next but i’m sure it will be amazing. As for Steve Jobs he will always be remembered, i wish he was still here so he could help apple grow. And for the “rivalry” that was between these men, i think it ended a long time ago, but yes there still is competition between apple and PC but it is friendly.


  12. Mackenzie A. Says:

    I feel that Bill gates may have over exaderated there good relation ship because during there high points in their career they tryed to take each other down. Although, i do belive that they could have become sort of in a way friends instead of enemys as they got older. I do think it is sad the way that Job’s passed, but he left all the great things he created and co founded to us to still have and continue on. It’s also really nice how Gates, didnt hold a grudge towards Job’s for all of the stuff he did and Steve did the same. Basicly, they came to a truce and dicided that each of ther companies are sucessful even though they arent working together. Also after Gates passes hopefully he will leave behind greatness for us to continue on and we already know microsoft will be around for a very long time like Steves computers and phones that will live on.


  13. coley r Says:

    i think Steve jobs and bill gates were good friends toward the end of Steve’s life. I believe that gates might have been slightly jealous of steve’s fame. i think gates thought that he should have all the attention because he was more successful.


  14. Chris C. Says:

    The passing of Steve Jobs devastated everyone especially Bill Gates and his family. Steve Jobs was a very talented man. The world wouldn’t be the same without him. RIP Steve


  15. Emma O. Says:

    I feel very bad for Bill Gates and Steve Jobs, Bill lost a friend and a college and Steve lost his life. I am also sad because we won’t be able to have anymore of Steve’s great ideas anymore. I think that even though they fought, and their companies were rivals, underneath all of that, they were really good friends.


  16. Jakob C. Says:

    i think that it is interest how two rival in the begging had huge differences but at the end they got along. i think that they had a good convo. he says it was very hard to have him die because they have gotten to know his whole family.he doesn’t think that he is fading away but you need to pick the good stuff because it might go away.


  17. Ethan B Says:

    I think that steve jobs made a lot of things. He made the ipad and the iphone. But i think bill gates has been doing good with he’s money. But he didnt make much as Steve Jobs.


  18. Cole L. Says:

    I think that the video showed how bill and steve realy worked together and how they realy think of each other


  19. Jordan H. Says:

    I think that Bill Gates and Steve Jobs were good friends and alike because they were both successful in their businesses. It is sad that Steve Jobs died and had to leave this earth so suddenly and many people miss him.


  20. dominick R Says:

    i think this interview was really intresting, its sad hearing about steve jobs though. it sounds like steve jobs and bill gates were really good freinds.


  21. Alex Green Says:

    I think the passing of steve Jobs is really sad. Steve jobs created a lot of great apple products and stinks he cant make anymore. It seems like Bill Gates and Steve Jobs started to become friends when they started to get older but then Steve died. I think it is good that Bill Gates thought that Steve was a good person and a lot of people will miss him. Hopefully Bill Gates can take over Steves place


  22. Shiane T. Says:

    For me it is just amazing how a long time battle can end so fast. It is kind of like time can fix everything. It is nice that the two biggest rivals can get over something that has been going on for so long.


  23. Luke B. Says:

    It is sad that Bill and Steve were such enemies and right when they were starting to become good friends Steve died from cancer. Bill thought that it is kind of neat to think what else he would invent if he didn’t die. I really wonder if Bill Gates will take Steve’s place and do a lot more than he used to.


  24. Michael Jones Says:

    Steve and bill got off to a bad start but over the years they got better. Bill went talk to Steve about life and they got to be friends. I think bill was a little jealous of Steve over all the grate things that Steve had accomplished before he did.


  25. ERIC K. Says:

    i do think bill gates did get his time and money out of his life. he wanted to make a change in life and he did get alot of money and he did make a change in the world.


  26. Ian O Says:

    i thought that it was a very interesting video. i think that it was interesting how they were rivals. i am sad that Steve jobs died


  27. Anonymous Says:

    it is sad when people die but it is happy that bill gates buried the hatchet


  28. Ryan Hickerson Says:

    it sounds like Steve Jobs was a good person. It sounded like Steve Jobs and Bill Gates were good friends before Steve died. after the main talk about Steve Jobs it kind of turned into a world hunger type of conversation.


  29. Hayley S Says:

    I think this is sad because steve jobs was such a great person and a genius and now he cant come up with anymore apple products, but i will always love apple and all the products that they have made. Steve jobs will never be forgotten, and Bill gates also.


  30. Brendan L Says:

    I think what he is doing is great and i liked the whole interview is cool


    • Jonavon L. Says:

      Two successful men talking. They are both so successful in life it really shows me how i would want to act if i were them competing in 2 big time corporations.


  31. Anonymous Says:

    it was interesting


  32. Alex M Says:

    I think that Bill Gates is spending his money well with all the charity that work he has spent money on. I think both of them are very smart but I think Steve Jobs made more innovative deceives. Apple was the first to come up with something like an I pod touch, or the iPhone. Bill gates just didn’t do something like that.


  33. Matthew Soderberg Says:

    This video was very interesting. It was sad hearing about Steve Jobs. I liked Steve’s work. they fought so much, but it’s good that Bill still cares.


  34. Chandler B. Says:

    I think that despite of the “rivalry” between the two geniuses, that they set aside their different ideas and were able to make time to hang out with each other.I was a sudden and tragic loss of Steve Jobs and we will all remember him. I think that Apple will still succeed.


  35. Connor H. Says:

    I think about of they are both very good. But I think Bill gates is using his money in the right way not going out to buy a other car or a bigger house.


  36. Sage W. Says:

    I think it is very sad that Steve Jobs died. I think they Steve Jobs and Bill Gates are very alike. They are very alike because they both wanted do achieve something. They also
    were both millionaires because what they event was very big.

    R.I.P Steve Jobs


  37. Matheos M. Says:

    I thought this video was very interesting. I think it’s very cool that two very smart people that almost have a rivalry with each other can sit down and talk for multiple hours. I thought it was interesting when Bill Gates admitted that he was getting old, and how he is investing in drugs that probably will not even come out for another decade, or two.


  38. isami Says:

    I think Bill Gates is really intellectual and he seems like a very responsible and good person. It is sad that Steve Jobs died, because he was a genius.

    Thank you for my iPhone<3333(:


  39. Cristina T. Says:

    Although Steve Jobs is dead, Apple is defenetly still very popular. Now That he’s dead I belive people are now buying more apple products. Steve and Bill would actually talk regularly, even though they did have compeating companys.


  40. Katie M. Says:

    I think that this sad yet very happy. They were talking about the great life of Steve jobs. He said that it was very sad and that he made a milestone in technology. Steve Jobs life was great and he was really good at what he did.


  41. Anonymous Says:

    Well, I think we all know that Steve Jobs was a good man. He was very good friends with Bill Gates and I think Bill misses him. Steve was a good man, we all feel his loss.


  42. Lani Foglesong Says:

    bill gates and Steve jobs worked together on Macintosh. They were really good friends but Steve Jobs is dead. So that was very sad for bill gates.


  43. Kelsi Johnson Says:

    It seems to me that Bill Gates and Steve Jobs were really great friends. They would talk about their families, and how lucky they were for the wifes they had married. They talked about the other compnies that are out there and how Apple had been such a great sucess!


  44. Will K Says:

    I think this is really sad that Steve Jobs died. Him and Bill Gates worked hard. This is what i think about this video.


  45. Taylor B. Says:

    I think this was sad but also happy, since they were going through Jobs’s and Gates’s memories. I liked how they were rivals but good friends. it must have been hard for Gates to get up there and talk about Jobs like that. I agree with gates, the world will never be the same without Jobs and his talents. I wonder what Apple will be like without him.


  46. Anonymous Says:

    i also think that Steve jobs has been properly honored by bill gates. i am glad they are finally in agreement


  47. Cassie M Says:

    Okay, so i think both guys are really great people. Steve Jobs was very intelligent and hardworking. I hate he died, but he made a very big impact on technology and almost everyone’s lives today. Both men were hardworking, and achieved their goals.


  48. Emily R. :P Says:

    It’s funny because I never knew how they really feel about each other. Come to think about it he’s right when he said we need to pick out important things because we have a limited time on planet earth. I wonder what will become of Apple and of Microsoft. Ever think what the last three things you would do be fore you died (if you knew you were going to die after those three things) what would you do?


  49. Johnny Foraker Says:

    I think that both of these men no matter how big the rivalry was at one time that both of these men were friends and generally liked each other. They are both two of the biggest men to have an affect on technology ever,they have a different skill set, as he mentions in the video, but both men are great men and made good products in their lifetime. I think that Bill Gates still has at least two more decades to invent and make good products and he definitely still has some gas left in the tank. They both are great men and both of them are great inventors and both had great products.


  50. Anonymous Says:

    I think that both of these men had an big impact on the world that we live in today. I think that they might have had a rivalry at one point, but were friends at a time. They both affected technology in an outstanding way. Both of them made and sold good products. I think that Bill Gates has maybe two or three decades left in his life.


  51. Sabrina K. :D Says:

    In my opinion, I think that both men had their moments of success and failure, but more success. It is really sad and kind of nice that Bill Gates can really express his feelings about Steve and their relationship and sharing all his good memories that they had together. Both Job and Gates loved to work with computers and electronics. To me, i think the way Gates was expressing himself about Jobs was making feel like Jobs was in such a close relationship with Jobs, that they were almost like brother because they did everything together……..


  52. Sam J. Says:

    I think it was interesting and very kind of Bill to talk about Steve’s life. He noted that they were friends and had occasional meetings to discuss things happening.


  53. David R. Says:

    Bill Gates is very centered around technology. At least, that’s what it seems like.


  54. Kaitlyn A. Says:

    I think that both men were geniuses and amazing creators. They did so much for this world, and for people. I know Steve Jobs and Bill Gates were enemies when it came to selling technology, but looking back on it, they probably thank each other. Steve Jobs and Bill Gates weren’t exactly best friends, I know, but they sorta pushed and pulled each other in a way that Bill Gates realized after Steve Jobs died. Being enemies helped both men: it was annoying for both, true, when someone was more successful, but being enemies sharpened their minds and buisnesses. “Keep you friends close but your enemies closer,” But in the truth, these two people were both at the same time, being friends without knowing. 🙂


  55. Senith B. Says:

    I feel bad that Steve Jobs died. He was a great man of his time and so was Bill Gates. I feel like Bill Gates and Steve Jobs were alike. They both were ambitious, strong, and successful. Even though Steve and Bill fought, it’s nice to think Bill thought he was a good person


  56. Anonymous Says:

    i thought that bill gates seemed to become at peace with Steve jobs especially in Steve jobs last few months and that is reassuring


  57. Patrick U.[ Says:

    Well, I’m pretty sure everyone was devastated over the death of Steve Jobs, but not as much as his family and Bill Gates. Gates thought that Jobs was a “constant presence.” I guess that meant that they were always trying to create products that were better than the other’s new product. If it weren’t for Steve Jobs, Gates wouldn’t have any competition to make better PCs, tablets, etc. Also, if it weren’t for Steve Jobs, Gates wouldn’t get some of the great ideas to make cool upgrades and attachments for most of the electronic devices that the world is used to using.


  58. Macey Says:

    I think both of these men left behind a very big footprint and they were both creative and innovative. They were in a race in some ways, to see who could make the better computer. But in the long run Steve Jobs won, he was not greedy but he was not a really nice person, they were and are both great men.


  59. abi c. Says:

    i am sad that Steve Jobs died but i am glad to see that Gates cares. i was kind of confused because i thought the didn’t get along.


  60. Julia C. Says:

    its so sad that steve jobs died.very upsetting. im glad that he never said a thing bad about him and that if he did have somthing to say like that, he worded it so it wasnt mean. he even talked good about him.


  61. Matt S. Says:

    I think both of these men were very “interesting.” They loved to acheive goals and to work on computers. And we are all sad that Steve died, but we still have bill to take us on into the new modern technology


    • Maegan V. Says:

      I agree with Matt and think that Bill should start helping apple some or try to combine the companies.


    • Sabrina K. :D Says:

      Yes but technology still wont be the same. Steve was interesting and in my opinion, he was almost like a genius….and so was Bill Gates….geez, it is so sad that we have lost a great man that really changed the technology that we have today…


  62. maegan fizzy Says:

    I like both and I really want to see pirates of silicon valley


  63. Mandy Y. Says:

    I think that this is kind of sad, but they are also talking abou thow great of a life Steve has had. Bill and Steve loved talking about the women that they have married and how they were very lucky. I think that it is very sweet that for as much as they faught, Bill still thinks that he is a good person.



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