Google Sites: How to Add Pages

February 1, 2012

Digital Portfolios, How To

Congratulations!  If you have followed the digital portfolio creation series, you should at this point have your home page complete (if not, go back and complete videos #1-8 of this series).

The next step is to add the interior (or project) pages.  This video shows you how to not only add pages to your website or digital portfolio, but also how to change page settings, find pages not shown in the navigation, and delete pages.

If you are doing the digital portfolio series, the last part of the video addresses what information is recommended to go on your project pages. Be sure to listen carefully!  You will have a little writing to do after the video is over to get your pages set up like they need to be for your portfolio.

As always, start the video and pause it as you go along so that you are working along with the video.  It is NOT recommended to watch the entire video first and then go back and try to add your pages and edit navigation.

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2 Comments on “Google Sites: How to Add Pages”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    Thankyou thiswebsite is really helpful!


  2. christopher sierra Says:

    thanks this was helpfull


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