Google Sites: How to Insert Tables and Lists

November 1, 2011

Digital Portfolios, How To

For the purposes of layout (where things go on your site), sometimes we may need to use a table to help keep our stuff in the proper place on the site.  Don’t worry, you can always make the border of the table invisible so that your audience doesn’t automatically see a table.

Lists are also very important.  In Google Sites, we can use bulleted or numbered lists to help clearly organize information so that people can quickly see information without having to always read more detailed paragraphs.

This video shows how to use both tables and lists to enhance the organization and layout of your Google Site or digital portfolio.

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9 Comments on “Google Sites: How to Insert Tables and Lists”

  1. Duncan J Says:

    Hi mscomputerteacher!


  2. AKG Says:

    this was very helpful i hvent entered my table and list


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  4. Amaya W. Says:

    This was very helpful


  5. Diamond C Says:

    Thanks This Really Helped With My Digtial Portifilo Thanks You!
    Have An Nice Day =)


  6. Jadon P. Says:

    Thanks teacher>.


  7. Anonymous Says:

    thx mrs.teacher and who are u


  8. Anonymous Says:

    Thanks Ms. Computer Teacher


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