Technology in Education – Using Cell Phones in Class

March 17, 2011

Technology in Education

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45 Comments on “Technology in Education – Using Cell Phones in Class”

  1. Normal Guy 123 (aka): neb Says:

    I think that teachers are jellous that they can’t text 50 words per minute, and we can. I also believe that they are punishing the good responsible cellular phone users, but in a way not the bad ones. That’s because the good kids will follow the rules and not bring cellular phones to school, but the bad Kids are still going to find ways to Trick teachers, and hide their phones, and be naughty w/ them.


  2. William T. Says:

    I half way agree with this vedio. I don’t have a cell phone. Kids are really sneaky these days. They will most likely play games and text friends during class.


  3. Rhys.R Says:

    that was awesome i think we should do that. it would help a lot.


  4. Rebecca F Says:

    I think it resonable not letting kids use cell phones in class. It would be nice if every once in a while we get to use them. It kinda make sense that we cant use them to txt on durring class because where in the same bulding as the person where probly txting so…. we can just tell them after class. I love to talk and txt on my cell phone but i dont even bring it to school because all my friends are at school with me and i talk to them during class change. After school and befor school is when i like to txt.


  5. Wesley H. Says:

    i am going to have to agree with the video. phones are messing up education and kids are texting and calling people in the halls and in bathrooms. but then at the end of the video it would be cool if we could use our cellphones for learning so that way our hands want get tired of writing and all we would have to do is text for assignments.


  6. DelinaB Says:

    I think we should not have cell phones in schools. But I like the way they can bring them to school but can’t do anything about it.


  7. Idara C. Says:

    I think the cartoon part was my favorite because it was funny. To think of it I would rather take notes than use my cell phone. But my phone is really not that important to me. Only if I am calling someone or texting someone that I need to.


  8. Garrett W. Says:

    I think this is cool to use your cellphones in class. Sadly I do not have a cellphone but I do not want one. I would rater use a computer.


  9. ella Says:

    I don’t think they should use cell phones in school because if they use to answer thing they could go on the internet to find them out


  10. Haiden J. Says:

    This is messing up education.Even though it is fun to own a phone people can wait till they go home. I am about to get my phone but i wont be obseesd by this by no means. This i 100% agree with. This is agood thing if you think about it. But it is kind of sad. but education is more important.


  11. Emily Grace A. :) Says:

    i think this s good and bad. Good because it can save trees and people are understanding things more in school. Bad because it might not be so good for you eyes to be looking at a screen for that long. 🙂


  12. Alyssa G Says:

    I think that the teachers are going a little overboard on the banding cellphones thing. The kids usually need there cellphones for after school activities such as basketball going home someone or just playing a little outside of school. but if it is that bad then sure take them away but if they were taking it over the top like playing games during class but if they arent then you have know reason to take them away.


  13. hunter m Says:

    i like the simpsons


  14. Anonymous Says:

    having cell phones in class is bad because you cant learn anything during class


  15. Adam C. Says:

    I like that they used the Simpsons to show the story. I think that they should use laptops and not phones because it makes it harder to send texts that are not on topic.


  16. Hannah G. Says:

    I don’t think this is fair because even though we tend to have our cell phones on in class is because the teacher gets a little boring sometimes and it’s better than falling asleep while listening to a boring teacher repeat the same thing over again.


  17. Kira y. Says:

    this video is sad but very true. I think they should either have texting or calling. this is because they are basically the same exept texting is just typing? Its the same thing!kind of.


  18. Tysen G.....:) Says:

    I think it is cool that they use the cell phones for a lesson or question. It might acualy save trees too mabey.


  19. andrew s Says:

    This is crazy but I guess it works and I still wish I had a phone!


  20. Mary Bowen B. Says:

    I think that it is rude to have your cellphone out at class but i do think it would be a cool idea for your teacher to send you a text asking a problem and you answer it. I think that, that would be a good idea 🙂


  21. Kiara L Says:

    I think that we should be able to use our cellular devices in class so we can text. I also think that it is so not fair that you ban gum form school just because it can get everywhere. I also think that no matter how much the teachers hate cell phones that we should still be able to use cell phones.


  22. Brandon E. Says:

    I think that we should have cell phones in school… for learning purposes of course….


  23. Jadon P Says:

    That would be Toyota awesome i would do that every day .


  24. Mason P Says:

    I agree with this. I don’t know why they would even want to have them out. What i don’t under stand is why we cant have gum. I don’t like the idea were they text the answer to the teacher, why not simply raising your hand! ow do you text the answer to the teacher if you don’t have a phone. One person says that his hand writing is bad so that is why he likes to text his answers in to the class, how will his hand writing ever get better!


  25. Matthew B. Says:

    I think the texting answers is a good idea, because many people will like that class more, and they will become more engaged. Also, they should create like a 15 minute break that you can use your phone. Also, it would save trees. Also, if they have bad handwriting, it helps you. What if you don’t have texting though? What if you don’t have a phone?


  26. Janae A. Says:

    I think we should use our cell phones in class.I think that because we wont have to waste as much paper. We also wont have to buy anymore computers for the school. I also think that they could be a big distraction. The students could text there friends secretly.


  27. Diamond C Says:

    I would hate if i got my cell phone got tooken away i would of be mad,.If Cell Phones Were Banned Ohhh .We need umnmm 2 labtops one for home and one for school


  28. Cole S Says:

    I like that you can use cell phonesin school for learning uses but not for just texting in general.But I like if the teacher tells you to put it away that is the bottom line. You can have fun with it by texting the answers to questions.


  29. Laney D. Says:

    I think we should not be able to use phones in school.I think we shouldnt because everyone would be texting all day and the people trying to learn wont really be able to in that enviroment. I think we should only be allowed to use them after school. i think we should be allowed to use them only if its for some sort of project.


  30. bria b Says:

    i think it is a good way for teachers to fit cell phones into the activity but it is a better way for students to text with out teacher noticeing it so it might not be a perfect way to stop students from texting .


  31. Katerina L Says:

    I think it is good that they don’t allow cell phones because kids need to focus on getting an education. Sometimes I think gum helps some kids focus. The idea of using cell phones to type in answers is awesome. But what if the kids don’t have a cell phone?


  32. jude w. Says:

    we might use cell phones a lot but we need them. and we don’t text in class. i want to use
    cell phones in class. texting is fun and we could do it in class


  33. Aria O. Says:

    I think they are right and the kids will find a way to text. I think the text thing in class they will text there friends. They should not allow the cell phones.


  34. Katerina L Says:

    I think it is good that they don’t allow cell phones because kids need to focus on getting an education. Sometimes I think gum helps some kids focus. The idea of using cell phones to type in answers is awesome.


  35. Will B. Says:

    Why can`t we have that at voyager it sounds really useful.


  36. Haydnnnnnn L . Says:

    I think that schools should not ban cell phones. Because they can be used for emergency. Also if you do something after school and you might need to call your parents or something.


  37. Amaya W. Says:

    I think students should be able to use laptops during a certain time. Also they should only use it for emergencies. Maybe a couple of rules like no texting during class or something. Maybe on certain days.


  38. Diamond C Says:

    I Thinkkk Dhatxt I shudd Use Mhaa Phonee In Class Rooms’s.Because You Can Still Hear While Wow….Yhu On Yor Phone Texting and Calling Or Whatvea But ..I Guess Itss Apart Of Children Lifee’s..So Using Cell phones In Class Is Awesome But Lilttle UnEducational To Have Your phone in Class

    – I Think that I should use my phone in class room’s .Because you can still hear while you ..You on your phone texting and calling or whatever But. I Guess it is apart if children life.So using cell phones in class is awesome but allttiel UnEducation


  39. Meg VH Says:

    That is a big problem. So, I guess I agree that it is a problem.


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