Technology in Education – Spying on Kids with Laptops

March 17, 2011

Technology in Education

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31 Comments on “Technology in Education – Spying on Kids with Laptops”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    I think it is kind of weird. They should have a spying thing for there teachers and in stead of talking them in person then they should chat and there friends will not know they got in trouble.


  2. stewie Says:

    He makes a good point I wish we had laptops to work with everyday now:(


  3. Arieanna O. Says:

    I would be freaked out if i did not push the button to take a picture of me. I would not want a man just watching me doin stuff on the kids should be extra careful at that school. ButI wish we can do that stuff as long as we are doing our work and i dont think the principal should be doing that stuff. I think they should not be allowed to chat each other because if it it is personal the principal can just find out.I would not want to go to a school like that now the kids know that he is spying on them.One day this might go a little 2 far and a kid is going to get on and hack the princapal and do stuff that the principal would not do.this is like stalking I do not think that is right no no no no no.
    🙂 😦 :l


  4. Laney D Says:

    I think it is kind of wrong to spy on kids. I also think it is a kind of good idea to make sure kids arent goofing off when they are supposed to be doing their school work. I dont know if the kids know about the spying sowftware and if they dont i think they should because that will make try not to do those things so they dont get in trouble.


  5. stewie Says:

    That was really short it needs to not cut off so quick but that would be scary to think the principle could watch you :0


  6. JP Says:

    I wonder if those kids get in trouble. But what he is doing in kind of perverted. If it is a problem just take photo both away.


  7. jude w. Says:

    this is scary i think


  8. bria b Says:

    I think it is cool how they can see what kids are doing on there computers but still sometimes it can be a invation of privacy! Like if they have a private family thing up and going on in there life/computer. I think it might be a good idia to just only computers for class purposes only!


  9. Anonymous Says:

    wow that’s not creepy at all. those kids got busted. my dad dose the same thing with my computer but he dose not take pictures or watches me on a web cam.the Principe is creepy


  10. Mason P Says:

    The kids should be getting their work done. He still does not have the right to stalk them. it is just weird. If they don’t get their work that’s their fault. he does not need to watch over them, that’s the teachers job. 😀


  11. Stephen J Says:

    I think it is perverted. If it is such a problem just take the computers away. or don’t leave photo both up.


  12. HaydnnnnnL. Says:

    Wow that is really weird.Why don’t the teacher just go up to them and make sure there doing the right thing. I also think that is really perverted.Your watching kids do stuff that they don’t want people to see………Creepers!


  13. Matthew B. Says:

    I don’t think that is right because they don’t even know that he is spying. I think that he just doesn’t even trust his own kids. It might be good for the principal, though I think the kids would be really mad if they figured out. I think the assisitant principal needs more trust in his students. 😦


  14. Katerina L Says:

    I think it is really weird that the principle would spy on them like that. Also its kind of funny that a lot of the kids were using the photo booth as a mirror. I think that it is cool and not right that the adults could mess up or do anything on there computer. The kids would just see the mouse moving around doing different things without them moving it.


  15. Janae A Says:

    I know the principal wants to just see if his kids are doing the work but that is stalking in a way. I do not think he should be doing that. I think that because it should just show up on their work! So they could tell if they were doing their work or playing on the computer.


  16. Cole S. Says:

    I like that idea but they should not do their hair in class. Instead of doing it for 6th and 7th graders they should do it for every student at that school. It would be cool if voyager academy did that because they would know if we were goofing off.


  17. Amaya W Says:

    I think that it is still a little weird, but it is useful. They know which kids are doing their work or goofing off. I also think it is kind of funny how the assistant principle takes pictures. I wonder how they know he is taking a picture. Like I said, it still is useful.


  18. Devin:} Says:

    Why would want to spy. There young kids.What will they do


  19. Khaiya R. Says:

    That is such a good idea. The kids should get to do that to the teachers. Some teachers play when they should be doing work.


  20. Diamond C Says:

    Spying Really.Spying ON Kids..but That is Kind of an good idea but your watching what the kids doing.and the kids do not really want to get in about we turn that around


  21. mason Says:

    i think it is wrong to use laptops in school not doing work


  22. Steve Jobs Says:

    I would not be happy if I didn’t know about some grown man spying on my computer screen. I would probably sue them if I ever found out. I bet These kids will hate this assistant principle when they find out what Hes been doing.


  23. Amaya W. Says:

    I think that’s a little weird. I mean spying, come on.


  24. Sammy S Says:

    This is funny. I’m so glad that we don’t have the cameras at our school! 🙂


  25. DavidC. Says:

    These people are weird. wanting to spy on kids through their webcams. i would sue the school if they did that to me. and did you watch the video after it. what did they see him doing at home.


  26. Natalie:) Says:

    I think that Voyager should get Mac’s but not the spying software…. girls like to check their hair and take pictures but that would effect their grade so it is on their part that they would take the time to do so:)


  27. Amelia B :) Says:

    That is soooo creepy! What if you didn’t realize it was taking a picture and you were doing something embarrassing? I hope we don’t ever have that happen at our school! And what about the title of the video that pops up after this one is over? The school spied on the kids in their bedrooms!!!!!!! That’s even creepier than having them spy on you in class!


  28. Mari M. Says:

    This is really cool and funny. I am so amazed oh what tecnolagy can do now a days that is super cool.


  29. hailey Says:

    I think that this is funny. this is alright when the kids are at school and supposed to be working, but i would draw the line if they took the computers home. if they are doing innapropriete stuff on the computers at home, then i think it is the parents problem to stop that, not the teachers. i dont want the principal seeing what i am emailing to my friends. some stuff is private and i think that at school the principal has his rights to see what they are doing but not at home


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