Technology in Education – iPods and the iSchool Initiative

March 17, 2011

Technology in Education


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6 Comments on “Technology in Education – iPods and the iSchool Initiative”

  1. tnspl Says:

    I think these application is very fast and useful.I want to these application because these application is very useful for every person.


  2. Corey H. Says:

    I would want the Learn Chess app. Even though I’m good at chess, I could still use some practice. It also helps with strategy and making your brain think. It helps you get smarter and you can learn new things. It will also help you improve your touch screen abilities.


  3. DavidC. Says:

    It sounds awsome. it makes me want to get it on my ipod


  4. Meg VH Says:

    I think those apps are very cool and useful! I want to have those apps. We should have that at school.


  5. Aaron Daniels-Freeman Says:

    I want to get the homework app!


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