Technology in Education – iPod Touch Apps for Teachers and Students

March 17, 2011

Technology in Education


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17 Comments on “Technology in Education – iPod Touch Apps for Teachers and Students”

  1. Mason P Says:

    Those are some creative ideas!!!!!!!!!


  2. Anonymous Says:

    Jadon P. This looks cool.


  3. JP Says:

    I think it would be cool if we could bring our ipods to school. That would be fun. I hope we do that soon. We should make that a rule that we can bring our ipods.


  4. Laney D Says:

    I this could be helpful. But it would be very expensive. I think you should just teach a kid things by telling them. Take them to a farm if you want to know what sound an animal makes! I think the textbook one would be helpful but kids who are learning what sound animals make shouldnt even know how to use an ipod touch.


  5. Katerina L Says:

    Its really cool that there are lots of educational apps. I think that you should learn at an early age to write with a pencil. Also because when they grow up they might not have those devices.


  6. Anonymous Says:

    that’s really cool for a 4 year old there mostly for little kids and little kids shouldn’t use an ipad


  7. JP Says:

    I think it would be cool if we could bring our ipods to school. That would be fun. I hope we do that soon.


  8. Matthew B. Says:

    I think that the first app as the best because it teaches kids how to write the alphabet. Also, I have an Ipod touch and I like to play and use the apps. I don’t have any educational apps, though.


  9. Stephen J Says:

    I think that is cool. it would to have a iPad at school. this is a cool video


  10. HaydnnnnnL. Says:

    I think that’s cool.But the only apps they had for kids were for like preschool. But it is still cool.


  11. Khaiya R. Says:

    That is cool. You can play and learn. All schools should get that.


  12. Janae A Says:

    That video was hard to understand. I think some of those apps though were really cool! 😛 I think for the animal app the teacher should have made the kid make the sound and then clicked on it.


  13. Mason P Says:

    I did not really get that. they don’t have any apps for kids our age. If they did i probably would not use it and I don’t think anybody else would. That video was not my favorite. 😦


  14. Diamond C Says:

    I WOuld Love that just for school but the thngs is when i get home i will erase all the good aps off in education before i go to bed i will put them back that is an good idea


  15. mason.h Says:

    this is cool for student that need help


  16. Anonymous Says:

    I think that they should make apps for older people still in school. I think the apps they already have good apps but they need more. I liked the video and i think you will or do like it even though it can be a little boring.


  17. Amaya W Says:

    I think that two of the apps he showed in the video, were great to use with young children. Also the Wikipanion app was great for older learners to do research. I also think that it is very helpful to students and teachers to have the Twitter app to take comments about the apps and questions for class.


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