Technology in Education – E-book Readers and the iPad

March 17, 2011

Technology in Education


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7 Comments on “Technology in Education – E-book Readers and the iPad”

  1. stewie Says:

    I`m never downloading that app:d


  2. Cole S. Says:

    I have a ipad and i really like i books. It just seems like a better app to me. Ipads are better because it can do a lot more than people think it can help you with school. Some games are in HD sometimes. So when you have a chance to get a ipad get one it is a really good tablet to use.


  3. Katerina L Says:

    I have a nook and I love it. I think it is really cool that on the iPad you can actually see the page turning. That was all HIS opinion because I think tons of people love the nook. He just likes just likes the iPad better.


  4. Anonymous Says:

    my mom loves her nook .Who cares if its not pretty i don’t get a cover for it!!!!!!!!!! 😡


  5. bria b Says:

    I like it and i think I would rather a kindle but at the same time I want something I can play on. I think they should just put game apps on the kindle and they would have me sold! I will ask for one for christmas.


  6. Khaiya R. Says:

    I would love to have a nook. I think I
    will ask my parents for Christmas. If i get one it would be so much better then reading a book.


  7. Diamond C Says:

    I Would Love to have an kindle.I Rather have an kindle then an book because a book is not nothing it just an book of pages everywhere being sort around.But Kindle an IPAD IS THE BEST!TOGETHER BUT ALEAST I AM GETTING THOSE 4 CHIRSTMAS


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