Technology in Education – Case Study of Laptops in a School District

March 17, 2011

Technology in Education

You may also watch this video on You Tube.


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5 Comments on “Technology in Education – Case Study of Laptops in a School District”

  1. bria b Says:

    I think we ( our ) school should be useing laptops for most activitys. Also we should be told to bring out own laptops for lots of activitys and stuff like that. Maby it would be helpful to try it and see it it works.


  2. Amaya W Says:

    I agree with the lady. Using computers is just as good as learning from a teacher. Clayton county is doing a great job with progressing their graduation percentage and SAT passings’. GO CLAYTON!


  3. Cole S. Says:

    Now technology is basiclly the only thing that will help kids learn in school. Im glad that we have technology in this world. We would be like the old days when writing paper and pencil nobody wants that. Hopefully technology will not go to waste or teachers saying that it will not help us.


  4. Anonymous Says:



  5. Devin Says:

    These schools should get more focused. There are some ok but some are really bad .Try harder to get100percent: :):(:):(:(:):(:)


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