Ask and you shall receive…

February 12, 2011

For Fun

In a recent comment on the “About” page, Macey B. requested I add funny and interesting videos such as the opera singing video below. Thanks, Macey, for the suggestion!

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6 Comments on “Ask and you shall receive…”

  1. Idara C. Says:

    WOW! where is this place?


  2. Mandy Y. ^.^ Says:

    um…… is this web page thingy about like you ask about like teachers or something and you fix it? im confused


  3. Jew-Z Says:

    Technolagy help me organizes myself and it reminds me when I need to do projects. On the other hand all the crazy and useless apps on the iphone are just a distraction. Not everything is a revalution of technolagy.


  4. macey Says:

    hehe thanks ms shellady


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