Free Sound and Animated PowerPoint Backgrounds

February 11, 2011

How To

So have you ever gotten a little bored with the background designs built into Microsoft’s PowerPoint program?  Most of us creative minds have, so where can we go to spice up our presentations?

There are several places on the web, including Microsoft’s website, where we can go to find new and exciting backgrounds.  One of my personal favorites is  Some of these new and exciting backgrounds cost money to use, but many others are FREE!  Another cool feature of some of the Brainy Betty templates is that they include animation.  Think how fun it would be to have a PowerPoint about the history of baseball that actually has an animated baseball player swinging a bat on it.  Cool, huh? 

To access a YouTube video outlining how to get these free templates and FREE SOUND for your presentation,  go to and look for “How to Get Free PowerPoint Templates and Sound by Ms. Computer Teacher”.

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One Comment on “Free Sound and Animated PowerPoint Backgrounds”

  1. L@n! Lu Says:

    i think that it is a good idea to have other sites with different powerpoint slide patterns. I think this is b/c then you have a wide open chocie of possibilities to use. and i do agree it gets boring just useing templets in the powerpoint!!!


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