What is Net Neutrality?

November 19, 2010

Tech News

Net Neutrality is a current hot topic in the news these days.  NPR (National Public Radio) has run several stories on the issue and it is being discussed regularly in political debates.  Before we talk about what net neutrality is, let’s get those wheels turning.

Imagine your neighbor down the street is streaming tv shows from Hulu.com.  You are trying to Skype (teleconference) with a classmate about an important project you have due tomorrow.  Your Internet is not making this easy…the video keeps going in and out and the audio is breaking up.  Essentially, you are sharing your broadband Internet with your neighbors, and because your neighbor is streaming videos, you can’t get your project done.  Is this fair?

Net neutrality proposes that all Internet access, no matter what it is, should be treated equally.  Students, doctors, lawyers, and other people who may need the Internet for what some consider to be more important reasons will have the same Internet access as those who are playing on the Internet watching funny videos, playing games, streaming music, etc. for hours on end.

What do you think of net neutrality?  Should our government impose rules that allow some Internet content to be prioritized over other content?  Is net neutrality fair?  Why or why not?

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78 Comments on “What is Net Neutrality?”

  1. Olivia Says:

    I am for net neutrality. Because the goverment should not have the power to decide what sites are more important. The goverments opinon is different from others. All websites should be equal.


  2. Kathleen Junker Says:

    I am against net neutrality. If you are at school, and some person that has a very popular porn website that takes away from your speed and things from you. That is unfair to a lot of people. It is an evil thing to put people that take care of the internet that they use. Most people use the internet poorly. They treat it like crap! They shouldn’t! The internet is a privilege, not an expectation for you to have. This is what I think about the net neutrality and how it is not fair! 😀


  3. Hannah Says:

    I think that it could be divided, because I like to listen to music and watch videos on the internet but if I’m trying to work on a project and my neighbor is doing something that isn’t really that important and it is slowing me down then i think that it is unfair. I guess that I am against it because i think that some things on the internat are alot more important than others, and if someone is just playing games on the computer is a lot less important than someone working on a project


  4. justin shepherd Says:

    i am against it because i dont understand why you want keep it equal and balanced. it like for instance facebook and twitter. or youtube and a docters office site.


  5. matt jones Says:

    i think that the net neutrality is unfair. what if there was like someone dyeing and they needed to web chat someone and some guy across the street is downloading a vido game


  6. richarda 'DORA' Says:

    both .. i think that its eqaul. there are somethings that are for you, and somethings that are not. thats thats what i think about it!!! and some people use internet for nothing!!


  7. Tom "Tom(inator)' Bilden Says:

    I am for neutrality. Everyone is entitled to the internet. The only reason that someone should be able to control the internet if the person that is going to control the internet owns the server that they are going to control.


  8. steven Says:

    I am against net neutrality certain things are not important. the problem is how can you be sure something is not prioritized without going through the files and affecting peoples privacy. for example a grandmother who is recovering from surgery so she can’t fly to see her grandchilds birth wants to skype to se it is that priority?


  9. logan wazn't here Says:

    yes we should have internet neutrality. i find that it is a major role in the internet. It is a very big deal.


  10. Jordan Says:

    i am against net neutrality. people that waste their time on the internet doing unnecessary things dont need fast internet. people that have work that needs to be done in a small amount of time deserve faster internet.


  11. hope Says:

    i am for net neutrality. even thought some websites might be more important than others, they still have an important role to play. for instance;Face book. Face book might not be an educational website but you can still get plenty of information off of it. this is my opinion.


  12. Savannah M Says:

    I am against net neutrality. I am against it because some things are more important than others! What if me and my friend had a huge project to take care of and my neighbor was watching Youtube videos! I think that they should make some websites more important than others!


  13. BRADLEY Says:



  14. Thomas "T-Bone" Harrell Says:

    I am for net neutrality. I think that everything should be treated fairly. Treat every website like you want the website to treat you. Gaming is as important as business.


  15. JEFF SEIDEL Says:



  16. JEFF SEIDEL Says:

    i think it really isnt fair to have “net neutrality.”

    i should have just as much prioraty as a doctor to use the internet.


  17. Austin Says:

    Net neutrality is a good thing. No one deserves to have their Internet restricted because someone has decided that how they’re using it is “less important” than how someone else is using it.


  18. joshua d Says:

    im against net neutrality. i think that if you have something important to do that you should be able to do it at a reasonable rate of speed. that is why im against net neutrality.


  19. Scott Alex Sublett SAS the power to know Says:

    I am aginstit it


  20. Matthew G "lupo" Says:

    I am with it we should be able to use the internet freely whenever and however we want.


  21. Jacobmkt Says:

    we need internet that every one can use equally and that we can all get the same internet because i don’t want to wait 2 hours for one youtube video or facebook chat to load.


  22. Seth Says:

    I’m with Net Neutrality, because we should all have access to the internet with the same quality speed.


  23. Riley shuler Says:

    thats a good idea share the internet respect others time


  24. christy :) :) :) :) Says:

    I like this idea!!!!!!!!!! ❤


  25. Corkins Says:

    I am against Net Neutrality because some websites are bigger better faster and more popular than others!


  26. osiris Says:

    i think netrality b/c buisness people need to get paid $$$$$$


  27. thomas Says:

    i dont think it is fair if you are trying to do a importent project and you cant do it because some one is downloading a movie.


  28. Sydney Says:

    i think you shouldnt have to share but if you think hard about it, Net neutrality is a good actually a fare way to share. It might be hard to share but in the long run it will help everyone.


  29. nicole:) Says:

    i agrree with net neutrality because i dont think anyone should hav the internet over me or anyone else.


  30. Alexis ;) Says:

    Im all for net neutrality. I think everyone one should be treated equally because its fair and net neutrality will make everything easier.


  31. Aften :)))) Says:

    I am Definatly for Net Newtrality bacause i feel that all websites should be created equally.


  32. Chris Says:

    I think its a good thing that there is net nutrally everybody should be equal


  33. christy reynolds Says:

    I think this idea is good! This is good because everyone should be able to be equal so i am for net neutrality!


  34. Heather Says:

    I don’t think we should have net neutrality. Some things are honestly more important than others and some things that are done on the internet really shouldn’t be done.


  35. JOSH EVANS Says:

    I think that the government should not be allowed to controll the internet.


  36. Leidy Says:

    I don’t really know what I think about net neutrality. I guess its okay


  37. Kiki Says:

    i think you should be able to have your own intenet connection. of you have somebody playing a game and then you have to do some sort of project through the internet you will get very mad and tired of your neighbors making it hard for you to do work.


  38. Kiki Says:

    You should be able to have your own internet connection. If you had to do something very important and you cant do that it can be very irritatinhg. Sharing is something that many people dont like doing.


  39. Robyn Of The Robins Balay Says:

    Well, it seems okay. Net neutrality should be prominent, so everyone has the same rights and abilities on the Internet.


  40. kai Says:

    this article is very intriguing. i have to say i am for net neutrality. no matter what that person ids doing whether it is from playing games or talking to there doctor by web cam. to them it is important so they should get an equal amount of speed. so I’m basically for net neutrality:]


  41. nia Says:

    yes i am against this


  42. Tiffany Says:

    i don’t think this is fair because if you are doing something important on the computer related to work or school i think that you need to get in done…while your neighbor is downloading videos and listening to music


  43. nia Says:

    Well you should share the internet because there are other people that have other websites that are equally shared so i disagree with this….


  44. LETs GO GAry Ford Says:

    i am against nn because there are websites tht are more important thn others


  45. Joe Says:

    I am against net neutrality. I don’t think that my internet should be slowed down just because someone is trying to chat with their doctor. Net neutrality is stupid. My internet is fast enough and I don’t need anyone slowing it down.



  46. Kayci!!=) Says:

    Not fair!! We should be able to do what we want when we want. why in the world does it matter to them!?! This is how i feel!x)


  47. Jake "Falcon, King of the Thieves" Hofmann Says:

    I am against net neutrality. I think it would be unfair if a Person who was trying to find out if he had cancer was being slowed down by some perv. Not Cool!


  48. Megan Grey! :) Says:

    I hate the i idea of having the government controll our internet! >:@


  49. Harrison Says:

    I feal that net neutrality is constitutional and that if we did not have net neutrality then it would be unconstitutional.


  50. AaronAiken Says:

    I am for net neutrality its not fair that some websites are categorized as not important as others


  51. Christina "kill-joy" Full Says:

    I do not like this. I think that we should have complete control over what we do and how fast we do it.


  52. Daniel Cole Says:

    I am for this. if you need to get stuff thats very important now, and theres a kid next door playing on xbox live while downloading a movie, you shouldnt be limited to how fast your internet is


  53. Kinsey Says:

    You can deal with your own neighbors. You also can just e-mail, text, or facebook the person you need to talk to.


  54. JoeR Says:

    I don’t know if i am for net neutrality or agenst it. It depends because i want it to be fast for when i am doing home work but i also want it to be fast when playing games.


  55. Kelsey Says:

    this is not fair. what if me and my project partner were turning our project in tomorrow amd my neighbor was playing music on pandora music or something…


  56. Jack Says:

    I understand what this site is doing now and im really not for it now its not fair for thets say a teacher trying to look up research then someone playing a game i dont really see who woud be for this cite.


  57. Emma Says:

    I think people that are working hard need more internet space. People that are just playing games, watching videos, etc. don’t need the internet as much as those who are actually getting things done.


  58. cody wilkerson Says:

    no, we should have complete control on what i want to do.


  59. jesse (iceman) Says:

    i think that some web sites should be mor important than ohers


  60. Aminah Says:

    im not sure how i feel it about but I think that people should do they things that they want to do in the computer without having the internet to go out with some people that really need the computer for work like for school or for work and not having the other people that only used the computer to watch videos or lisent to music and make the internet slow down for the person that is using the internet for a important thing and and dont slow down the internet for the only person


  61. The Hammer Says:

    I am against net nutrallity


  62. The Hammer Says:

    I do not like net neutrality


  63. Anna Says:

    I am half and half on net neutrality. If a doctor is sending very important information and they are on the same internet access as us they should be able to do that. I don’t think though that different websites would be easier to get to than others.


  64. Matthew "waka flocka" Fishback Says:

    their should be two seperate broadband widths for business and another for video games and other less important stuff.


  65. Cory (BIG C) Says:

    there should not be net neutrality should not be allowed. if a doctor needs to get someone in Alaska to go get a pill that will save there life then they need to do that. i would rather have my brothers life saved then some little teenage dummy look at porn for hours. this is were i stand on this topic


  66. Hailey Says:

    I think that net neutrality can be divided. It can be good because all content would be equal and that is good in the US. But alot of doctors and lawyers can use the internet too, and they might need to get on faster than others. I don’t like waiting, but having priority is not fun either


  67. JACK Says:

    Im not sure of evan what this is


  68. Zach"The Pidgeon"Pridgen Says:

    Net neutrality is really bad. Why would you want someone that is on you tube for hours and while they are up on the computer you are losing your computer time because yours is going slow.


  69. Brianna Says:

    I believe that someone who’s trying to save a life has a higher priority than someone who’s playing a video game, but I admit that I find the idea of my freedom on the internet being limited to be irritating. So, I say that there should be no net neutrality, but I say it a little grudgingly…


  70. Q-Gilli AKA Queen James haha Says:

    i dont think this is fair. I say that because you shouldnt done the project earlier and if some-one wants to watch videos then they should watch it. But it would get irritating if the phone kept losing signal….


  71. Deyton Says:

    Im not really sure how callie found this website but congragulations, her comment is very useful, understanding, and really makes sense. I look forward to what she might say next.


  72. jesse Says:

    im not realy shur but i think if i get in there first then my neighbor who is a docter
    gets on i think he shuld wait because i was there first if he is on there first then i should have to wait.


  73. Mac Truck Says:

    this is good. i like this alot. We need to have the good stuff high. The bad stuff should not be high in the list


  74. AARON Says:

    There should defiantly be net neutrality. It is a lot more important for working people to work instead of kids playing video games.


  75. Leah Says:

    You should not have to share you internet should be shared. We all have things that are considered important to each of ourselves. We should all be able to be equally use the internet so that we can all get things done that we need done. If someone is trying to do a project that is more important than a perv who is looking at dirty pictures so i am more important than that person. So I think Net Neutrality is jank.


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